Plans for luxury flats on former site of Lister House up before planning committee

News / Fri 12th Oct 2018 am31 08:07am

PLANS for luxury flats on former site of Lister House are up before planning committee

The application calls for Demolition of Existing Medical Centre and Erection of 46 No. New Residential Apartments with Private Communal Garden and Associated Undercroft Parking.

The application will be heard on Wednesday October 17th at the Civic Centre, Water Gardens.

The full application can be seen here.


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4 Comments for Plans for luxury flats on former site of Lister House up before planning committee:

2018-10-12 12:48:21

Luxury flats .... Is this what is needed to help those in need of homes living in Harlow? Far better to have built a small number of bungalows, allowing residents wishing to downsize from their current Council home, freeing up under occupied house for families on the housing register. Easy reach for shops, health centre and bus stop. How many other sites that the Council have identified for future house building will end up being sold to people from London or property investors?

2018-10-12 14:36:37

@tenpin Because there's no money in it! But you have to wonder at the view some of these 'luxury' flats will have. A council yard, an industrial estate, Staple Tye car park and a busy road and roundabout. Lovely.

2018-10-12 21:52:14

As if the majority of the residents of Harlow could afford to purchase luxury flats. This is a hard working class town It is not private luxury flats, that is needed here in Harlow,it's social housing for the 4000 plus residents here in HARLOW who are on the waiting list and have been for 5 years plus. This is proof again that the Labour administration party of Harlow is not and will not listen to the needs of the people of HARLOW. They are only in it for themselves. LOVE HARLOW, VOTE UKIP.

2018-10-16 14:17:29

This site cost the council literally nothing. The cost of building could come from right to buy receipts or apply for some of the £200 million on offers by the government to build social housing. All 47 could then be at realistically affordable rents. Why cannot the elected councillors see this????? VOTE HARLOW ALLIANCE PARTY FOR IMPROVING HARLOW PEOPLES LIVES

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