Harlow Gymnasts are sparkling gems

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MEDALS aplenty at the 2018 DGA Gems challenge in Colchester for Harlow Gymnastics Club. Gymnasts from London, Essex, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire entered the tournament where Emerald was the top level followed by Amethyst, Amber and Topaz. The top 4 gymnasts were awarded medals for each discipline in addition to an overall trophy at each category. Sparkling jewels Larni Shulton, Sylvie Rowe and Genna Lee won the first-place trophies for the club in their respective competitions, with Genna earning the highest score in the entire challenge.

Larni Shulton placed 1st overall after receiving silver medals on bars, beam and tumble as well as 4th for range & conditioning (R&C) in the Emerald 2005-2000 event, with teammate Holly Montague placing 7th overall. In the Emerald 2007-2006 event Shannah Stacey, Aimee Cullen, Skye Girolami and Katie Islin placed 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th overall respectively. Summer Dolan shone in the Emerald 2009-2008 event wining silver medals on vault and bar, bronze on tumble and R&C, and 4th on trampette to finish 3rd overall. Honey Gillick placed 4th overall, along with receiving bronze medals on vault & trampette, and 4th place on beam and tumble. Grace Hoskin earned 5th place overall after receiving silver on beam and bronze on R&C. Amelia Palmer, Connie Allen, Ruby Barker and Amy Abery placed 6th, 7th, 8th & 9th respectively after Amelia won silver on beam, Connie received silver on trampette, Ruby awarded bronze on bars and Amy earning 4th for R&C.

Daisy Dove placed 7th overall after winning bronze on beam, with teammate Louisa Akers placing 11th overall and receiving silver for tumble in the Amethyst age 2004-2001 event. In the Amethyst age 2010-2009 competition, Emily Forey placed 4th overall after taking bronze medals for bars and trampette. Eliza Swanepoel was awarded the bronze overall in the Amethyst age 2007-2008 event after receiving bronze medals on bars, beam, and tumble as well as 4th place for R&C. Emily-May Price placed 15th overall after earning 4th on trampette. In the same competition Alex Gronert, Eloise Moulds and Tamzin Mason placed 10th, 16th and 12th overall respectively. Chloe-Anne Wenz received the bronze medal on vault to finish 11th overall in the Amethyst age 2006-2005 event.

In the Amber 2010 competition Lola Manuel received bronze medals for vault and tumble to finish in 6th position overall. Lola Mccart-Greaves, Milli Battelley, Olivia Palmer and Laura Wator placed 7th, 9th, 10th and 11th overall in the Amber 2012-2011 event with Olivia also earning 4th place on tumble. In the Amber 2007 event, Yasmine Thong placed 4th on tumble and 9th overall, with Lucie Mcintyre placing 18th overall. Calleigh Brownjohn placed 4th on trampette to finish in 7th overall, while Syndi Barker received silver medal for tumble and placed 4th on bars, to finish in 13 place overall in the age 2009-2008 Amber competition. Teammates Ellie Aimable, Kira Henson, Daisy Clowes and Ellie Senior placed 14th, 19th, 20th and 23rd respectively in the same event. Yasmin Akram came 12th overall and 4th on R&C in the 2006-2003 Amber competition.

Glittering in the Topaz age 2010 event, Sylvie Rowe placed 1st overall after receiving gold medals on vault, beam and tumble as well as bronze medal on trampette. Nina Robinson placed 8th overall after earning silver on bars and placing 4th in R&C, with teammate Lilia Bown placing 12th overall in the same event. Competing in the Topaz age 2009 Mia Taruvinga placed 13th overall and was awarded bronze medal for trampette. Genna Lee sparkled in the Topaz age 2012-2011 by placing 1st overall after winning gold medals on bars, beam, trampette and R&C, as well as silver medals on vault and tumble. Renee Firth-Moon placed 4th overall and was awarded silver medal for R&C and bronze medals for vault, tumble and trampette. Darcey Fallis, Layla Clark and Millie Allen placed 6th, 7th and 8th overall in the same event with Darcey also receiving silver medal for trampette, Layla placing 4th on bars and Millie taking place on 4th trampette.

In addition to the club winning over 60 club medals, Summer Dolan and Calleigh Brownjohn also received awards for artistic impression.

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