Athletics: Super Sharon grabs bronze in Essex 10 Mile Champs

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HARLOW Running Club member Sharon Wright completed the Essex 10 Mile Championships at Tiptree, finishing in 74th place out of 422 finishers and 3rd Female Vet 35, winning the bronze medal in her age category in a superb time of 1hr 09min 37sec. First home was Craig Segal in 14th place in an excellent PB time of 59.25, Martin Westley was 33rd in 1.02.51 (PB), Carinne Jay 105th in 1.13.34, Sandra Rust 128th in 1.15.38, Adrian Fell 131st in 1.15.54, Colin Moody 144th in 1.16.49, Kerry Mavris 193rd in 1.22.35 (PB), Andy Bradley 228th in 1.25.21 and Debbie Barry 277th in 1.30.09.

Meanwhile at the Yorkshire Marathon Rich Hynes finished in 93rd place out of 4229 finishers in a fantastic PB time of 2.56.25, Terry Ridge was 941st in 3.41.39 and Paul Watts 2800th in 4.37.30.

At the Great Birmingham Half Marathon Andy Kitson finished in 595th place out of 7890 finishers in 1.34.51.

At the Royal Parks Half Marathon, run within four of London’s eight Royal Parks, Jon Wickings finished in 4122nd place out of 16,356 finishers in 1.52.13 and Emma Stead was 11,957th in 2.21.41, both in their debut at the distance.

At the Lisbon Marathon Janice Page finished in 2199th place out of 3239 finishers in 4.23.47 and David Page was 2687th in 4.47.47.

At the Hatfield House Half Marathon Laura Prime finished in 80th place out of 184 finishers and 3rd Female Vet 40 in 1.51.54 and Nick Ryley-Warren was 98th in 1.56.14.
At the same event in the 10K race Danny McCree finished in 3rd place out of 220 finishers in an excellent 38.44.

At the Shoreditch 10K Julie Bradley finished in 2048th place out of 2634 finishers in 61.43.

At the Sofia 10K in Bulgaria Andy Kinney finished in 600th place out of 808 finishers in 66.15.

At the first race of the Metropolitan Cross Country League held at Claybury Park, Woodford, Colin Baker finished the 8K course in 323rd place out of 488 finishers in 36.32. He was followed by Lee Webber 346th in 37.16, Paul Schroder 435th in 41.18, Alan Cootes 445th in 42.14 and Andy Smith 469th in 45.09.
In the Ladies 6K event Catherine Ridge finished in 87th place out of 233 finishers in 29.01.

At Harlow parkrun Andy Terrell finished in 2nd place out of 185 finishers in 20.19, Alan Broughton was 7th in 22.49, Allison Beeton 9th in 23.13, Steve Warren 20th in 23.56, Steve Cowlin 23rd in 24.11, Paul Dixon 25th in 24.42, Graham Saville 28th in 25.05, Alan Cootes 31st in 25.38, Jim Bates 33rd in 25.45, Michelle Hyde 38th in 26.36, Robin Lozeau 43rd in 26.57, Spencer Brooks 61st in 28.14, Debbie Barry 63rd in 28.21, Andy Smith 64th in 28.22, Sharon Wright 65th in 28.22, Danny McCree 74th in 28.51, Paul Cadogan 79th in 29.33, Alan Chatterton 82nd in 29.53, Austin Nyamande 84th in 30.16, Jeff Mace 108th in 32.17, Pushpa Mistry 113th in 32.37, Anna Robey 128th in 34.08, Marc Witham 130th in 34.20, Laurence Maddock 147th in 37.45, Andy Kitson 167th in 41.34 and Karen Kitson 168th in 41.36.

At Bishop’s Stortford parkrun Jim Martin finished in 5th place out of 336 finishers in 19.25, Jason Haigh was 34th in 21.34, Laura Prime 101st in 25.10, Kerry Mavris 105th in 25.16, Hannah Wenlock 114th in 25.33, Vanessa Bull 117 in 25.37 (PB), Martin Westley 118th in 25.37, Hannah Martin 145th in 26.48 (PB), Calia Haigh 154th in 27.11, Sandra Webber 155th in 27.16 (PB), Louise Peacock 195th in 28.50 and Liz Roberts 271st in 33.31.

At Hackney Marshes parkrun Martyn Coulter finished in 12th place out of 256 finishers in 19.06 and Andrew Smith was 39th in 21.23 (PB).

At Gunpowder parkrun in Waltham Abbey Jon Waight finished in 10th place out of 193 finishers in 20.51.

At Linford Wood parkrun in Milton Keynes Liz Montalto finished in 203rd place out of 242 finishers in 36.30.

At Royston parkrun Helen Brunton finished in 283rd place out of 317 finishers in 37.18.

At Letchworth parkrun Brenda Clayton finished in 69th place out of 112 finishers in 31.25 and Teresa Stickland was 70th in 31.31.

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