Letter to Editor: Harlow residents and businesses effected by pothole failure

News / Sun 21st Oct 2018 at 11:36am

Residents and Business alike effected by County Council’s pot hole failure


IT has been encouraging to see the progress that Cllr Mark Ingall has made recently with the portfolio holder responsible for highways at ECC in getting some of the worst pot holes in the highest traffic areas of town filled in. However we still have a long way to go.

I recently visited Sheila Buckner in Spring Hills who wanted to show me the pot holes in her street. What I saw staggered me; the pot holes were more like craters and one of them was a full six centimetres deep. However, because the road is a cul-de-sac it is not considered a priority for repair by the County Council.

Sheila, who walks with a stick, informed me that she has difficulty getting out of the house and requires a taxi to get into town but that the local taxi company is reluctant to drive down to her house due to the aforementioned pot holes. I am yet to receive a response from ECC about the issue. These pot holes are directly affecting Sheila’s ability to go about her daily life and consequently her well being.

One of Metro’s drivers Bob Gray who regularly takes fares across Harlow said ‘although I appreciate that government funding has been cut, it’s Essex County Council’s statutory duty to maintain our roads and footpaths. I feel they are failing in that duty. Badly damaged speed bumps and potholes are damaging my car. I see cyclists swerving to avoid pot holes and ending up in the the path of flowing traffic on a daily basis’.

I recently received correspondence from Metro Cars directly who informed me that in the past six months one driver was forced to shell out over £230 as a direct result to pot hole damage.

Clearly the state of our town’s roads are not just affecting residents but also local businesses too.

It’s time for Essex County Council to invest in all Harlow’s roads, not just the most frequently used ones.

Cllr Chris Vince

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2018-10-21 12:21:53

Instead of whining about ECC, why not get one of your own Labour councillors to have a quiet word. Must be some voting due, to see C Vince on here !

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