Praise for off-duty special constable who gave first aid to boy in Harlow

News / Sun 21st Oct 2018 at 03:36pm

One of Harlow’s volunteer police officers stopped while off-duty to give first aid to a boy who had fallen off of his bike.

S/Sgt Andy Jamieson was off-duty in Harlow on Thursday, October 18 when he drove past a group of children gathered around a boy on the floor.

He immediately stopped and rushed over to help and found the boy breathing heavily on the floor. Andy identified himself as a police officer and reassured the group.

He suspected the boy had a head injury and put him in the recovery position while instructing his friends to call an ambulance and his mum.

A passing off-duty police officer, PC Emily Cross (pictured above), stopped to check everything was ok and offered her support.

Andy waited with the boy, reassuring him and his mum until the ambulance came.

He said: “It’s nice to be able to put my training to good use and help people where needed. That’s why I love being a Special. In my day job, I get to see people at their best and having a good time and with the police, they could be at their worst and in need of help.”

S/Sgt Andy Jamieson is equipped with full policing powers, the same police uniform as regular colleagues and the same first aid training but gives his time voluntarily to help others. If you would like to join our Special Constabulary, apply online: www.essex.policeuk/specials

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