UKIP issue open letter to Harlow Labour over Momentum

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UKIP issue Open Letter to Labour over Momentum

An open letter to Councillor Mark Ingall, Leader of Harlow’s Labour Council Group, and Charlie Cochrane, Chairman of Harlow Labour Party.

Dear Mark and Charlie,

It has come to our attention, and that of all the residents in Harlow, that Harlow Labour Party has a massive split right through its membership. There are those that are members, and have the support of the Far Left Momentum Group, and those that clearly do not.

This has resulted in the resignations of three, and possibly four Labour Councillors, and has bought about three, probably soon to be four By Elections. The cost of which has fallen on the residents and council tax payers of Harlow, purely because of in-fighting within the Labour Party. We do not believe that is fair on them, and they deserve to know the truth.

Now we know you have put out a denial Charlie, but when three of those Councillors who have resigned, Jon and Karen Clempner, and Ian Beckett have confirmed they have resigned due to bullying, and a bad atmosphere within Harlow Labour, that denial is worthless. Jon Clempner himself said he resigned due to a Momentum organiser, and as good as identified your Parliamentary Candidate as the culprit!

You only need look at Facebook to see separate Harlow Labour Party and Momentum Harlow pages in operation!

We now ask that you publically identify the Labour Councillors that do, and do not have the support of Momentum, which Labour Candidates do, and do not have the support of Momentum, and the Momentum status of your Parliamentary Candidate.

We believe the residents of Harlow need to know the truth when they go to the ballot box. Are they likely to lose a Labour Councillor they’ve voted for, leading to yet more By Elections and cost to them? Are they being asked to vote for a candidate who may not be allowed to serve their full term if elected – leading to another By Election and more cost?

We also suggest that Momentum actually gets political party status – that way candidates could be on the ballot paper honestly as “Labour and Momentum Party Candidate” – which is not without precedent as Labour Candidates have stood as Labour and Co-operative Party Candidates in Harlow before.

So come on, let Harlow Residents have the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. They deserve nothing less!

“Or maybe they should vote for UKIP’s Anita Long and Mark Gough on 8th November and get councillors who understand public service, and not service to a party within a party.

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3 Comments for UKIP issue open letter to Harlow Labour over Momentum:

2018-10-30 06:09:57

Some very good points well made.

2018-10-31 06:53:47

Some good points well made.

2018-10-31 16:26:44

No Labour party left in Harlow. What proscribes to be so, is just an undercover ploy, by MOMENTUM, or if you prefer, MARXISTS, to take over our council offices. The new " Labour" candidate for parliament, is one of the main agitators on the scene, to try to put a little 'glam' into the proceedings. She is a ruthless operator for the Marxists,but, as she couldn't even win a local by-election, what hope has she for the future, they don't like losers. I am sure, and hope, that when the elections do come around,I hope that us locals remember what she stands for. Remember, that these people bullied out several well respected councillors for their own benefit, dis-regarding the electorate.

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