Labour hold both Bush Fair and Netteswell in by-elections

News / Thu 8th Nov 2018 pm30 11:26pm

HARLOW Labour successfully defended both wards in by-elections on Thursday night.

Jodi Dunne held Bush Fair and Shannon Jezzard held Netteswell.

Despite most parties working very hard, the turnout was worryingly low.

The Tories narrowed the numerical gap in Bush Fair to 83 from 99 last May but Labour widened their majority in Netteswell to 243.

Both Ukip and the Harlow Alliance Party had ‘still in the game” returns.

Bush Fair

Labour: Jodi Dunne: 543 (45.0% +5.6)
Conservative: Andreea Hardware: 460 (38.1% +6.0)
UKIP: Anita Long: 103 8.5% (-15.4)
Harlow Alliance Party: Nicholas Taylor: 63 (5.2% +5.2)
Lib Dem: Lesley Rideout: 39 (3.2% -1.4)


Bush Fair (Harlow) result:

LAB: 45.0% (+5.6)
CON: 38.1% (+6.0)
UKIP: 8.5% (-15.4)
HAP: 5.2% (+5.2)
LDEM: 3.2% (-1.4)

Interview with winner of Bush Fair, Jodi Dunne.

Interview with Conservative candidate, Andreea Hardware


Shannon Jezzard Labour: 497 (50.2%-+2.5%)
Jake Brackstone Conservative: 254 (25.6%-+2.0)
Alan Leverett Harlow Alliance Party: 99 (10%-+10.0%)
Mark Gough UK Independence Party (UKIP): 98 (9.9%- -13.1%)
Robert Thurston Liberal Democrats: 43 (-4.3%)

Maj: 243

Interview with Labour winner, Shannon Jezzard

After the returns we spoke to Harlow Council leader, Cllr Mark Ingall and asked him to reflect upon the night.

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11 Comments for Labour hold both Bush Fair and Netteswell in by-elections:

2018-11-09 07:29:03

I can hear the Momentum mob crowing about their wins in the local elections. Lets not forget, that the reasons for these costly elections, is directly attributable to the Bullying of councillors, who no longer felt that they could endure any more of the aggressive actions, of certain members of the Momentum team, and indeed, were more or less, forced to resign, and didn't wish to be associated, at any cost, with the'new' style of management from the local party officers. What an indictment !

2018-11-09 09:35:05

I just want to say a huge Thank you to the people that did for me yesterday in the Bush Fair by election it was a low turn out. Don't worry as I am not going anywhere I will be standing again next May. From Anita Long and UKIP Harlow

2018-11-09 09:39:09

I just want to say a huge Thank you to the people that voted for me in the Bush Fair by election yesterday. I will be standing again next May. From Anita Long and UKIP Harlow

2018-11-09 09:51:23

Very well said Micky mate. I am going to come back bigger and stronger next May. Just wait for the hikes in the Council Tax but say goodbye to the services that pay for them, say hello to an increase in crime and anti social behaviour. Ps the Labour lot looked like they needed a lesson in how to dress for the occasion.

2018-11-09 10:03:01

Well done to all the candidates who stood in the Bush fair and Nettswell by elections last night especially the Ukip and Tory candidates who campaigned fairly and didnt go around intimidating local residents of these wards and brainwashing them by telling them that certain parties do not have candidates standing and also feeding false information to the local residents that certain leading members of opposition parites have quit. Which the administration party activists were doing. I was informed about this by the local residents themselves so do try denying this. Can't wait for the Toddbrook by election 13th of December which i will be contesting in representing UKIP Harlow for the people of Harlow. From Dan Long and UKIP

2018-11-09 15:35:44

More of the same then.

2018-11-09 16:01:43

Dpl, I am sorry to see from your post that you must think that HAP were going around the Wards spreading gossip about other candidates. I would like to assure you that neither Alan Leverett or I participated in such actions. We only spoke to residents about how we disagree with the way that Harlow Council is being run and what changes we want to see. What all Parties should be most concerned about is the very low turnout of voters. When you turn your mind to the sacrifices made just 100 years ago and that it is only 90 years ago that all women got the vote, there is a lot to be said of the Australian system where people are fined for not voting.

2018-11-09 19:51:26


2018-11-10 07:44:24

Just looking at these results, shows that Momentum only achieved 45% of the votes in two wards, and barely 50% in the other. Brexit comes to mind, or ?

2018-11-10 10:39:28

I share Dan first point by thanking all those who were brave enough to put themselves forward as a candidate. What was pleasing is that we’re now seeing different people coming forward to take their turn in making a difference for Harlow. This should reassure us that no matter the gender or age or political views we do have a strong vibrant and positive next generation wanting to step forward. To the elected we’ll done and looking forward to working with you. To those who didn’t get elected my personal thanks for all your efforts and keep going. Thank you.

2018-11-11 09:57:23

My apologies. Well to the Harlow Alliance party for contesting in the two by elections on Thursday and we'll do for taking votes off of the left wing Labour party and the Far left Momentum party.

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