Labour hold both Bush Fair and Netteswell in by-elections

HARLOW Labour successfully defended both wards in by-elections on Thursday night.

Jodi Dunne held Bush Fair and Shannon Jezzard held Netteswell.

Despite most parties working very hard, the turnout was worryingly low.

The Tories narrowed the numerical gap in Bush Fair to 83 from 99 last May but Labour widened their majority in Netteswell to 243.

Both Ukip and the Harlow Alliance Party had ‘still in the game” returns.

Bush Fair

Labour: Jodi Dunne: 543 (45.0% +5.6)
Conservative: Andreea Hardware: 460 (38.1% +6.0)
UKIP: Anita Long: 103 8.5% (-15.4)
Harlow Alliance Party: Nicholas Taylor: 63 (5.2% +5.2)
Lib Dem: Lesley Rideout: 39 (3.2% -1.4)


Bush Fair (Harlow) result:

LAB: 45.0% (+5.6)
CON: 38.1% (+6.0)
UKIP: 8.5% (-15.4)
HAP: 5.2% (+5.2)
LDEM: 3.2% (-1.4)

Interview with winner of Bush Fair, Jodi Dunne.

Interview with Conservative candidate, Andreea Hardware


Shannon Jezzard Labour: 497 (50.2%-+2.5%)
Jake Brackstone Conservative: 254 (25.6%-+2.0)
Alan Leverett Harlow Alliance Party: 99 (10%-+10.0%)
Mark Gough UK Independence Party (UKIP): 98 (9.9%- -13.1%)
Robert Thurston Liberal Democrats: 43 (-4.3%)

Maj: 243

Interview with Labour winner, Shannon Jezzard

After the returns we spoke to Harlow Council leader, Cllr Mark Ingall and asked him to reflect upon the night.

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