Harlow MP vows clampdown on Harlow potholes.

News / Thu 15th Nov 2018 at 11:03am

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon has urged local residents to help him clamp down on potholes in the town.

Following the recent announcement in the Autumn Budget that £420 million has been made available to repair our roads, Mr. Halfon would like Harlow residents to report any potholes so that he can hold Essex County Council accountable for the repairs.

He said: “Our town and road infrastructure is riddled with potholes, and I want this to change. Small white van businesses and motorists depend on good roads”.

To report any potholes in Harlow, email: [email protected]

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9 Comments for Harlow MP vows clampdown on Harlow potholes.:

tony edwards
2018-11-15 15:56:32

Blooming Amazing - we have the local Tory Councillors consistently defending Essex CC record on roads, and then Robert - (I'm your local Champion - but please don't look at my voting record because I have voted for every cut the government have made to local authority budgets) Halfon - saying he wants hold the County Council to account when as an MP over the last eight years he has been responsible for a massive reduction local government funding. Opportunistic or What?

2018-11-15 19:31:31

Why waste your time with this Bob when we can do it direct through a site that sends the report to the correct council eg Harlow or Essex and the reports are up for everyone to browse,the length of time some have been up are shocking,give it a try Bob and save yourself time. fixmystreet.com

2018-11-16 12:06:18

Or you can use the Essex Council website - it's not a lot of use if the hardworking citizens of Harlow just email an MP. That doesn't get the report to the correct department to deal with it.

2018-11-16 19:41:34

I could not agree more with your post Tony. Many of the huge cuts in Council budgets in recent years will have gone unnoticed by all but those using those services affected. Roads on the other hand are used by almost everyone and the effects of these cuts are being felt daily. The Cons were crowing about the fact that Southern Way had been resurfaced, when in fact it was their Party which had let it get into such a bad state in the first place. Contacting the MP is a waste of ours and his time, I suspect we will next see him in a photo standing next to a hole, unlike the rest of his party who at the moment are in a hole!

2018-11-18 08:00:04

Nobody let's roads get into a,"bad state". It's the fault of Harlow council because they haven't got the nous to re-direct all HGV traffic, anything over 7.5 tonne away from residential areas. All HGV traffic should be re-routed via Edinburgh Way, the direct route to most industrial areas of the town. Before long, these Socialist whiners and whingers, will be blaming the Tories if they get a cold or a tooth-ache.

2018-11-18 23:25:20

Well MickyB77 you obviously don't live near or along Southern Way. I have for the last 22 years. The simple fact is, much of the heavy traffic using this road is coming to and from the Hoddesdon area via Water Lane and going onto the Motorway at Junction 7. Added to this lorries are using the road to get to the Poundland and Lidl shops at Staple Tye. Neither would ever use other routes. Added to this, the works near "Gates Roundabout" which often causes massive traffic queues and similar problems at the roundabout at Harlow Town Station acts as a deterrent to lorry drivers using this route. Of course the County Council have let this road fall into a poor state of repair, there lack of action in making repairs has seen the road get worse and worse over the last two winters. Indeed a close inspection of the new surface already shows where problems will occur again. What the County need to do is to invest in both a North and South By-pass of the town, built to take 40+ tonne lorries, which Southern Way was not constructed to take.

tony edwards
2018-11-19 14:12:24

Please check your facts MickyB77 Highways are an Essex County Council not a Harlow District Council responsibility. Harlow District Councillors have lobbied and will continue to lobby the County Council over the poor state of the Harlow roads and for the redirecting of traffic. However, due in large part to the cuts in central government funding and also in part to the way Essex arrange the contracts for road repairs, the maintenance of Harlow's roads has been and continues to be far from satisfactory.

2018-11-20 07:06:04

I know exactly, the problems with the through traffic in Harlow and surrounding areas. Ask yourself, why HGV traffic isn't directed onto the A 10, to get to the M 25, instead of the M11 ? A format exists called, break bulk, allowing vehicles to drop off complete loads to warehouses, for re-distribution by smaller vehicles.

2018-11-21 21:00:56

MickyB77, There are number of reasons why these lorries are using Southern Way, firstly, some could be heading North on the M11, secondly others will be going onto the A414 to Ongar and beyond, thirdly they are not using the A10 because it is one of the most heavily congested roads in England. As for the break bulk you describe, if the vehicles are only being loaded and setting off from a few miles away, any break bulk will happen much nearer to the destination of these large vehicles. Whatever the reasons, traffic is set to get much worse on Southern Way and roads leading onto it if Epping Forest DC get their way and 2000 homes are built by Katherines and Sumners and another 1000 at Latton Priory. Roads such as Commonside and Rye Hill are set to see a massive increase in traffic, but as evidence has shown elsewhere, estate roads are given little priority when it comes to road maintenance.

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