Letter to Editor: Are Harlow tenants being short-changed over housing repairs?

Politics / Mon 19th Nov 2018 pm30 07:02pm

Dear Sir,

Are Harlow Council tenants’ being short-changed in respect of
housing repairs? I would suggest they are: Why?

Well the current list of repairs made the responsibility of the tenant
has been increasing over many years and now consists of three pages of
A4 paper with the result that many tenants have not had important
repairs completed due to financial, skill set and health problems.

The sad thing about that is that the majority of tenants’ were not
told of these changes and what is even sadder is that these changes
were not subject to any consultation with the majority of council
tenants. The council as their landlord and therefore responsible for
maintaining the housing stock should be prepared to discuss this
important issue with all tenants and where applicable the current
tenancy agreement adjusted to reflect their concerns.

Therefore, I have asked the council to convene a public meeting to
discuss this important issue. Sadly it appears the council are
reluctant to do so. I asked why and got a press release type of reply
which just insulted my intelligence.

Finally I would ask all council tenants’ to express their views on
this issue through your website and thereby putting pressure on the
council to call a meeting to discuss this important matter.”


Gary Roberts

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1 Comment for Letter to Editor: Are Harlow tenants being short-changed over housing repairs?:

2018-11-23 15:19:44

Sad but not surprised Gary? This is just another example of the lack of transparency within the workings of Harlow Council which is at the heart of why the Harlow Alliance Party was set up earlier this year. The Council clearly does not want to engage with residents, taking a "we know best attitude".. At the end of the day whilst you may have a home, it is still a Council property and as such you would think the Council would want to ensure it's assets are kept in reasonable condition. The lack of external repairs and painting, the lack of cleaning within communal areas of flat blocks and the lack of decent, safe refuse storage areas in flats are all areas which the Council are not tackling. At the end of the financial year the Labour Group will be able to say that HTS have made a bigger 'profit' which can be returned to the Council when in reality they have simply done less work than was anticipated. As for a public meeting, don't hold your breath!

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