Harlow Ukip deny they are lurching to the far right

Politics / Thu 29th Nov 2018 at 06:34am

HARLOW UKIP has denied that they are lurching to the far right of politics.

In 2014, the party had five councillors in Harlow but now they do not have any and can barely muster a hundred votes in a ward election.

However, a hundred votes converts into a fair percentage and there are some who feel that they could make a bigger impact should Brexit not in fact mean Brexit.

YourHarlow and sister paper, YourThurrock have been keen observers of UKIP over the last decade or more.

At one stage, Thurrock had seventeen UKIP councillors but they have now gone, many forming a new party called the Thurrock Independents (TIP) and others defecting to the Conservative Party.

Harlow had a number of UKIP MEPS including the former Daily Express political reporter, Patrick O’Flynn but earlier this week, he left UKIP citing one of his reasons, the new leader, Gerard Batten’s “fixation with Tommy Robinson”.

Mr Robinson, real name, Steven Yaxley-Lennon was described by Nigel Farage as “a man whose done four prison sentences, lives under a pseudonym and wherever he goes there is violence”.

Both UKIP candidate for Toddbrook Dan Long and their UKIP Harlow Facebook have a large number of postings that centre upon the subject of Islam.

Former Bush Fair councillor, Dan Long is also highly critical of London mayor, Sadiq Khan, adding to his criticisms that “you are not even a British citizen”.

Mr Khan was born in Tooting, which last time we checked an ordinance survey map was in, south London.

So with that on our mind, Mr O’Flynn’s departure (you may recall he once opened UKIP Harlow’s office) and a by-election next month, we asked Mr Long a few questions:

Would you say UKIP Harlow has moved further to the right?

Ans: No

Are you comfortable with appointment of Tommy Robinson as an advisor?

Ans: The UKIP NEC is deciding this matter in March, I will abide by their decision.

Would you agree that your Facebook page may make members of the Muslim
community, living in Harlow, feel uncomfortable?

Ans: No

Should Britain leave EU without a deal could you detail how Harlow would
flourish economically?

Ans: The EU needs Britian for trade much more than we need the EU. The deal that the Conservatives have engineered gives the EU control of laws, fishing,movement of people and when you read the small print they have more leverage over us than ever,especially with regards to our trade outside the EU.

Without a deal, simply by the repeal of the 1972 EU Communities Act, our Law is supreme over the EU Law and we are in a position to make our own deals with the whole world.

The EU would need a trade deal with us to continue selling us their cars and this deal would include any other aspects to a future relationship.

The economy, employment and social unrest in mainland Europe is a worsening problem which we do not need to share as a member.

Inside the EU we are a net contributor financially,free from. The EU and with the benefit of worldwide trade deals, nationally we will have more money, some off which will come to Harlow, also reduction in pressure on public services, Health Education and Housing which will benefit the quality of life of the people of Harlow, where 68.1% overwhelmingly voted to leave the EU back on the 23/6/2016.

Leave was the result so leave it should be.

Strangely enough, although our e mail was addressed and directed to Mr Long, we also received a reply from a Richard Holloway, who posted a response to these questions on the UKIP Harlow facebook page. He justifies a fairly basic breach of professional courtesy so that we do not “edit or miss quote us” (sic).

You are welcome to go on their page to see his/their/its response.

As a final point, we think most will agree that we try and give fair coverage to all parties. We are now the only paper that covers council meetings, by-elections and is out and about talking to politicians and public alike, about the matters of the day. We could end the article with the quote, “To be insulted by these facists, it’s so degrading” but we won’t as it’s no game….

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7 Comments for Harlow Ukip deny they are lurching to the far right:

2018-11-29 07:09:55

Good to see impartial journalism is alive and well. Harlow Council has been taken over by far left activists who procide over continued failures, while other towns in Essex with less assets strive but not a peep out of Yourharlow.

Staff Reporter
2018-11-29 07:27:34

Simply untrue..and there are other articles.....pay attention....http://www.yourharlow.com/2018/02/01/did-momentum-force-harlow-council-leader-out/

2018-11-29 08:54:08

Are all members of UKIP so deluded, or have we fostered a very special case here in Harlow?

2018-11-29 10:42:38

Since entering local politics earlier this year as the Leader of The Harlow Alliance Party I have spoken to hundreds of residents in Harlow and what I have heard from them only mirrors what is reported across the world. Most are angry that politicians are not willing to engage with them and ignore their views when they do. Whether this involves local issues such as the closing of libraries or the poor state of our roads or indeed Brexit, these views are polarising people into either one extreme or the other, evidenced by the rise of Momentum and perhaps UKIP or something similar in the future.

2018-12-02 01:23:16

Is it not hidiously rude to call someone his/their/it's? Is it not highly insulting to say "we could say, but we won't" when that's exactly what you actually do!!! Hardly showing an open unbiased attitude does it. Then again, this won't get posted will it!

2018-12-05 20:34:43

It’s a bit rich yer UKIP man denying that a South Londoner is not British when he himself was born in Kampala (Uganda), being kidnapped to become a chill soldier with the Lord’s Resistance Army (a fine upstanding Christian militia), before finally being awarded refugee status in Britain at the age of eighteen.

2018-12-05 20:40:58

Amendment. The above should read "child soldier".

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