Harlow Council explain role in woman being fined over £1,000 for dumping rubbish

News / Tue 4th Dec 2018 at 03:01pm

A HARLOW woman faces a bill of over £1,000 after dumping bags of rubbish in Potter Street after a successful prosecution by Harlow Council’s Legal Team.

As YH reported in November, Paige Williams of Mallows Green was found guilty at Chelmsford Magistrates Court on 15 November 2018 of dumping eight black bags of rubbish in bushes in Potter Street. At the time of the offence she lived in Potter Street.

Harlow Council Community Safety Officers investigated the rubbish and found evidence in the bags, which included Miss Williams’ name and address. Officers visited her and she was given a number of opportunities to clear the rubbish herself over the course of one week, which she failed to do, and so was summonsed to court.

Miss Williams did not attend court nor did she submit a plea by post. She was found guilty in her absence and fined £660, ordered to pay the Council’s costs of £300 and a victim surcharge of £66 giving her a total bill of £1,026.

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1 Comment for Harlow Council explain role in woman being fined over £1,000 for dumping rubbish:

2018-12-05 22:51:02

Good. It should have £1000 per bag. She had no intention of clearing it. This is borne out by her complete inaction when found out. Her complete contempt is all too often the case with people over the last 40 odd years. The courts need to come down HARD on these scumbags. Hit them in the pocket and/or take away their cars and expensive tech. Publish their photos on public notice boards so that everyone knows what an antisocial scumbag they are.

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