Ward by Ward: Toddbrook: The percentages game……

Politics / Wed 12th Dec 2018 at 11:59am

THIS won’t take long. We won’t keep you. There is a by-election on Thursday in the ward of Toddbrook. It is on elf the big issues of the day, Brexit, Trump, Theresa May and the Toddbrook by-election…

You get the feeling that the parties realise that they are just not going to get voters excited or mobilised, less than two week before Christmas.

In some ways, one of the few regrettable matters of interest will be whether this will be a record low turnout. The Netteswell ward turnout was 18% and we may well go lower than that.

Labour are expected to hold the seat. The candidate is Frances Mason, who we have met on a number of occasions am have been impressed by her diligence and approach to wanting to be a local representative. It may be with pointing out that Frances has been one of the few candidates who has turned up to council meetings, sat in the gallery, listed and learned. If she wins, she will also be the third former St Mark’s (female) student to be on the council (Cllr Emma Toal and Shannon Jezzard).

We get the impression that the others have gone through the motion and will probs;y try and do battle (proper) come next May.

YH Prediction: Lan Hold

Dan Long: UKIP
Frances Mason: Labour
Tom Reynolds: Conservative
Chris Millington: Lib Dem

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