Labour hold Toddbrook in By-Election

News / Thu 13th Dec 2018 at 11:24pm

LABOUR have held onto the ward in a by-election on Thursday night. The vacancy came about because of the resignation of Karen Clempner.

This was the third by-election in as many months. Labour have held all three and will be relieved to put them behind them.

Labour now hold 20 seats on the council.

The Conservatives may well be quietly pleased at picking up over 300 votes, especially in the present climate.

Ukip got 89 votes and, again, in the present climate, they are still on the proverbial pitch.

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Frances Mason (Lab): 464…51.1% (+5.4)
Tom Reynolds (Cons): 311…34.3% (+0.9)
Dan Long (Ukip): 89….9.8% (-11.2)
Chris Millington (Lib Dems): 44…(4.8%)

Maj: 153
Turnout: 16%

UKIP: 9.8% (-11.2)
LDEM: 4.8% (+4.8)

Labour HOLD.

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3 Comments for Labour hold Toddbrook in By-Election:

2018-12-14 07:08:11

Ah, wasn't this election brought about by the bullying of another councillor, by, the heavies of the MOMENTUM group. Wake up people, it won't be too long before it's your turn to be ostracised by this Marxist mob that have taken over our town hall. A 16% turn-out gives you some idea of the lethargy running through this town.

2018-12-14 13:42:39

Glad i am not the only one who thinks the people are apathetic but having been shafted by ALL parties over the years be it local or national people just cannot be bothered unless it involves Free Stuff hence the above result, and before you all start complaining i am an ex tory voter and the thought of Corbyn running the country feels me with dread for the simple fact i would like to keep what i have WORKED for. I am in this ward and did vote but spoilt the ballot paper as a protest against the whole lot of them and will probably not vote again until perhaps a new party is born from the likes of JRM etc.

2018-12-15 09:19:39

16% turnout? That means 84% just couldn't be bothered - wonder why that is and yet those that didn't bother will no doubt complain when things don't happen the way they want. Come on people, you could have at least voted by post even if you can't be *rsed to go to the polling station. The left wing will ALWAYS turn out in force and we will sleepwalk into a nightmare. I really do feel that we need to have compulsory voting - even if you spoil your paper with 'None of the above' as I was sorely tempted to do. If you really can't be bothered then you get what you deserve.

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