HTS boss reflects on first two years maintaining and repairing Harlow

IT IS two years since HTS Ltd were formed, taking over from Keir in delivering maintenance and repair services for Harlow.

YH sat down with non-executive director Michael Harrowven to reflect on the last two years as well as looking to the future.

HTS (Property & Environment) Ltd provide th following services in Harlow.

Council housing repairs and maintenance including garage repairs.
Council building repairs and maintenance.
Street cleaning, dumped rubbish collection and graffiti removal.
Grass cutting and landscape maintenance.
Cleaning and caretaking of communal areas.
Pest control.
Stray dog collection.
Drainage, gully and highways repairs on Harlow Council land.

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One Response to "HTS boss reflects on first two years maintaining and repairing Harlow"

  1. tenpin   February 8, 2019 at 12:45 pm

    There is no doubt that the services provided by HTS is an improvement on what was provided in the last 10 years and because dividends to shareholders have ceased, more money can be spent on improving services. Michael gives an interesting interview which raises a number of questions, which I would ask him to respond to:

    1 He mentions at the outset a Plan. Who set this plan, was it the Council or HTS?
    2 The Council have given HTS £3.2 million this year and it is said that a profit of over half a million pounds will be returned to the Council. How is a profit made, is this not just simply an under spend?
    3 I understand from a Freedom of Information request of the Council that there are no budget headings set by either the Council or HTS to determine how and where this money is spent. Can he confirm this is the case?
    4 He mentions 340 key performance indicators. Who sets these and where can they and the comparisons of actual performance be found?
    5 He mentions the issue of grass cutting frequency and the need to communicate with residents. Does he feel that Harlow Council does enough to communicate with residents?
    6 A major area where no work seems to have taken place in recent years is the painting and general upkeep of the outside of houses and flat blocks. I know of many examples where houses have not been painted for over 15 years. Do HTS have any plans to commence a programme of external painting?
    7 Residents have expressed concerns about the lack of a tree inspection and maintenance programme and the likely affect this will have on their properties. Does he agree with me that such a programme should be put in place? Surely the sudden falling of 3 large trees in the town recently, narrowly missing what could have been a tragedy only serves to highlight the dangers of not having such a plan in place.

    Nicholas Taylor of the Harlow Alliance Party

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