Athletics: Super Sharon sets new club record in Milton Keynes

HARLOW Running Club members training for a Spring Marathon completed various long distance events over the weekend.

At Milton Keynes 20 Mile race Sharon Wright finished in 60th place out of 933 finishers in an excellent 2hrs 19min 18sec, a PB and a new Club Female Vet 35 record last set in 1997. Also running were Jim Martin 115th in 2.28.36 and Michael Houlihan 505th in 3.04.39.

Meanwhile at the Windsor & Eton 20 Mile race Sandra Webber finished in 155th place out of 173 finishers in 3.34.50, Louise Peacock was 156th in 3.34.51 and Tracie Cook 160th in 3.37.16.

At the Colchester 15 Mile race Martyn Coulter finished in 32nd place out of 142 finishers in a PB time of 1.47.37 and Colin Moody was 64th and 2nd Vet 60 in 2.00.46.

At Welwyn Half Marathon Steven Good finished in 37th place out of 533 finishers in 1.31.41.

At Brentwood Half Marathon Rick Ricketts finished in 235th place out of 2349 finishers in 1.36.21, Ben Usher was 314th in 1.38.42, Sean Flynn 567th in 1.45.10, Nick Ryley-Warren 782nd in 1.49.40, Paul Dixon 831st in 1.50.30 and Helen Barnes-Martin 1928th in 2.18.29(PB).

At Reading Half Marathon Laura Prime finished in 2539th place in 1.49.46(PB).

At Milton Keynes 10K Alan Chatterton finished in 482nd place out of 1209 finishers in 58.57.

At Harlow parkrun Andy Terrell finished in 2nd place out of 223 finishers in 20.53. He was followed home by Alan Broughton in 3rd place in 21.02, Jamie Jephcott 7th in 22.10, Marc Witham 11th in 22.28, Allison Beeten 12th in 22.40, John Bull 24th in 23.57, Andy Smith 26th in 24.05, Alan Cootes 33rd in 24.42, Terry Ridge 36th in 25.02, Paul Dixon 37th in 25.03, Michael Robey 38th in 25.07, Jim Bates 44th in 25.43, Vincent Martin 59th in 26.38, Graham Saville 68th in 27.11, Robin Lozeau 72nd in 27.26, Robert Scott 73rd in 27.30, Tracy Stratford 76th in 27.34, Spencer Brooks 84th in 28.11, Hossein Erfani 97th in 29.17, Francesca Tye 100th in 29.39, Austin Nyamande 112th in 30.20, Debbie Cooper 132nd in 32.15, Anna Robey 160th in 35.27, Pauline Weirich 178th in 37.41, Alison Bull 194th in 39.57, Sharon Brooks 195th in 39.58, Karen Kitson 212th in 44.26, Nicola Wix 217th in 51.22, Jennie Gould 218th in 51.38 and Sara Coombe 222nd in 56.52.

At the Gunpowder parkrun at Waltham Abbey Martin Westley finished in 2nd place out of 192 finishers in 17.55(PB), Jon Waight was 17th in 21.44, Andy Ramage 18th in 21.48, Laura Prime 66th in 27.07, Lindsey Pearson 124th in 31.34, Wendy Schroder 125th in 31.35 and Paul Schroder 126th in 31.36.

At Great Dunmow parkrun Martyn Coulter finished in 3rd place out of 71 finishers in 21.58 and Louise Cootes was 40th in 29.06.

At Hackney Marshes parkrun Kerry Mavris finished in 123rd place out of 428 finishers in 23.03(PB).

At Bishop’s Stortford parkrun Jason Haigh finished in 40th place out of 335 finishers in 23.17, Justin Patten was 59th in 24.25, Holly Davis 67th in 24.58, Paul Cadogan 104th in 27.07, David Page 112th in 27.29, Brenda Clayton 192nd in 30.17 and Alan Bore 326th in 42.00.

At Gillingham parkrun Mathew Austin finished in 38th place out of 442 finishers in 24.07.

At Greater Manchester parkrun Bobby Draper finished in 28th place out of 99 finishers in 25.39.

At Letchworth parkrun Darren Rautenbach finished in 33rd place out of 138 finishers in 26.32.

At Ipswich parkrun Hazel Kurz finished in 194th place out of 409 finishers in 27.53.

At Hertford parkrun Michelle Hyde finished in 131st place out of 286 finishers in 28.52 and Karen Moir was 166th in 30.37.

At Southend parkrun Kelly Burgess finished in 152nd place out of 365 finishers in 29.14.

At Queen Elizabeth parkrun Alan Wellbelove finished in 63rd place out of 109 finishers in 31.10, Teresa Stickland was 66th in 32.22 and Andy Kinney 73rd in 34.27.

At Brandon parkrun in Suffolk Terry Pike finished in 73rd place out of 110 finishers in 31.19.

At Penrose parkrun in Cornwall Peter Mills finished in 141st place out of 208 finishers in 31.31 and Joanne Mills was 149th in 32.21.

At Billericay parkrun Julie Bradley finished in 203rd place out of 290 finishers in 33.39.

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