Owners of Terminus and Templefields House respond to recent criticism

Politics / Wed 3rd Apr 2019 pm30 05:42pm

Caridon Property’s reply to the BBC reports on Terminus House and Templefields House

A spokesperson for Caridon said:

“We are aware of the recent BBC reports on Terminus and Templefields House, having cooperated with them extensively during their reporting, offering guided tours of both buildings as well as interviews with residents and staff.

“As a business, Caridon remains incredibly proud of the work our on-site management teams do on a day-to-day basis, helping house some of the most vulnerable in society. Harlow Council and all other host boroughs are always offered first choice when we have a vacant property and the majority of our residents in Harlow are from the area.

“Our homes are not intended as permanent accommodation but as a stepping stone on as part of a wider housing journey. The alternative for many of our residents would a room in a hostel or B&B, where they’d have less space, security and privacy, or homelessness. Changes by successive governments to housing and welfare mean the private sector is increasingly responsible for providing such accommodation, as councils and housing associations lack the capacity.

“While there have been some issues in our buildings a number of the incidents have been exaggerated, distorted or occurred months ago. We always cooperate fully with Essex Police, who we have a good relationship with, regularly sharing information and intelligence, and take a zero tolerance approach to drug dealing.

“We are an award-winning landlord, which is a recognition of our commitment to good service and professional management. The majority of our tenants are law-abiding and happy with the accommodation they receive.

“We look forward to continuing doing the good work we are doing and making a real contribution to tackling the housing crisis, which requires more homes of all types and tenures to be built.”

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2 Comments for Owners of Terminus and Templefields House respond to recent criticism:

Pytr Kropotkin
2019-04-04 11:10:50

Perhaps then the socially responsible Caridon should consider purchasing Ocasio House, and re-establish a 'fit for purpose', suitable resource in the town which would be entirely in keeping with their statef aims and ethics.

2019-04-04 22:32:32

Probably not enough profit in it for them.

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