Harlow District Elections: List of candidates

News / Thu 4th Apr 2019 at 02:34pm

HERE is the list of candidates for the Harlow District Council Elections to be held on Thursday May 2nd, 2019.

There are eleven Labour, eleven Conservatives, eight Ukip, four Lib-Dems and four from Harlow Alliance Party.

As is now traditional, YH will be looking at each ward in-depth, reflecting on the issues form Old Harlow to Sumners and interviewing candidates from across the parties.

Bush Fair

Jodi Dunne (Lab)
Andreea Hardware (Cons)
Anita Long (Ukip)
Christopher Robins (Lib Dems)

Church Langley

Andrew Johnson (Cons)
Patsy Long (Ukip)
Chris Millington (Lib Dem)
Colin Monehen (Lab)

Great Parndon

David Carter (Cons)
Allan Jolley (Lab)
Nicholas Taylor (Harlow Alliance Party)

Harlow Common

Michael Carr (Harlow Alliance Party)
Daniel Long (Ukip)
John Steer (Cons)
Mark Wilkinson (Lab)

Little Parndon and Hare Street

Jean Clark (Labour and Co-Op)
Adam Jolles (Cons)
Chris Staunton (UKIP)

Mark Hall

Andrew Colley (Cons)
Bob Davis (Lab)
Richard Holloway (Ukip)
Lesley Rideout (Lib Dem)


Edward Hockham (Ukip)
Colleen Morrison (Cons)
Robert Thurston (Lib Dems)
Nancy Watson (Lab)

Old Harlow

Sue Livings (Cons)
Harry Mason (Harlow Alliance Party)
Andy Thornton (Lab)

Staple Tye

Mark Gough (Ukip)
Stevie Souter (Cons)
John Strachan (Lab)

Sumners and Kingsmoor

Alan Leverett (Harlow Alliance Party)
Jake Payne (Lab)
Clive Souter (Cons)


Frances Mason (Lab and Co-Op)
Thomas Reynolds (Cons)
Stephen Troup (Ukip)

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7 Comments for Harlow District Elections: List of candidates:

2019-04-04 15:51:35

Good luck to everyone not standing on a Labour or Conservative ticket.

2019-04-04 19:42:15

Yes good luck to all the non Labour and Conservative candidates.

2019-04-04 20:21:48

Actually Mr.Editor it's 4 Lib.Dem and 4 HA! But yes, good luck to all non-LibLabCon!

2019-04-04 22:29:03

Anything but LibLabCom as we have been mugged off for to long.

2019-04-05 09:17:56

Gotta love all the comments above from people who claim to love democracy but are wishing ill on other parties as they partake in... democracy.

2019-04-05 10:28:15

are the results going to be ignored like in the brexit vote? ive always voted until now..apparantly according to remoaners were all to stupid and old to vote.

2019-04-06 18:37:32

I would like to thank the candidates regardless of political background. Let’s be honest it’s a difficult time for everyone but the real test is about making a difference locally. It’s never easy being a candidate win or lose it will be a challenge. So let’s praise the people putting themselves forward not use this as some cheap political nick picking. Thank you for wanting to represent our community. Good luck.

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