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THIS is a fascinating ward which is in the heart of Harlow and in many ways is the very heart of Harlow.

From Northbrooks all the way across to Bishopsfield, it is big ward with many an issue within it.

Frances Mason has only been a councillor since December as she won the ward in a by-election back in December. Since then she has done everything you could ask of a local councillor: learned the ropes, been out in the door, spoken up for her constituents in council and been a thoughtful and thoroughly engaged local councillor.

With only a 16% turnout, Cllr Mason will firstly want more people coming out to vote. That might be a problem. There is a feeling that people are so fed up with politics that they may just not turn up on May 2nd.

Alternatively, they may go back to Ukip, who, lest we forget, came within 28 votes of victory a few years ago but as they only got 89 votes four months ago, they may get close to 200 but may be about it.

A reminder to what we wrote in December 2018″ Yes, they will struggle to a get a hundred votes but their long term ambition should be to stay on the pitch should Brexit go pear-shaped”.

Labour will want to get back to a majority over 300 plus.

The Conservatives got over 300 votes back in December and will want to at least get more than that and increase their share of the vote. This is such an uncertain time that again people may take out their frustration with Theresa May and Brexit or simply continue to vote on local issues.

YH spoke to Cllr Mason on Tuesday afternoon in Bishopsfield.


Frances Mason (Lab and Co-Op)
Thomas Reynolds (Cons)
Stephen Troup (Ukip)

Prediction: Lab hold.

Labour won by:

2012: 246
2014: 28
2015: 410 (General Election Year)
2016: 427
2017: 216
2018: 153

Result: By-Election in Dec 2018

Frances Mason (Lab): 464…51.1% (+5.4)
Tom Reynolds (Cons): 311…34.3% (+0.9)
Dan Long (Ukip): 89….9.8% (-11.2)
Chris Millington (Lib Dems): 44…(4.8%)

Maj: 153
Turnout: 16%

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3 Comments for Ward by Ward: Toddbrook:

2019-04-10 07:39:26

May be UKIP did only get 89 voteds in the by election but it was not just ukip whos votes were down all the votes were low no matter whst party and can you blame residents for not coming out to votes but dont forget, it was a by election and 12 days before Christmas. Good luck to all the non Conservative, Labour and Liberal democrats candidates. Dan Long UKIP Harlow candidates for Harlow common.

2019-04-10 10:39:02

Just think about the parliamentary chaos involving the Tories and Labour, so, are people really going to vote for them on a local level. We have our own crack-pots in the town hall, taxes up, for less, excluding the pay rises, and the refuse collection cock-up. Carry on regardless ! I wont go on about the people dumping, into the new tower communities, yeah, vote labour at your PERIL.

2019-04-10 12:19:31

Why on Earth would people in Harlow continue to vote the LibLabCon? We can not keep reinforcing continued failure.

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