Harlow Labour shine a light on importance of street lights in our town

Politics / Tue 16th Apr 2019 am30 11:06am

THE PORTFOLIO holder for economic growth in Harlow has stressed the importance of keeping the street lights on in the town as a symbol of prosperity and progress.

Councillor Emma Toal said: “The proposed closures of Harlow’s Libraries and Bus Services by the Tories on Essex County Council, sound all too familiar for us at Harlow Labour. The Tories have a long-standing record of cutting and closing vital services in our town.

Back in 2014, Tory controlled Essex County Council turned off Harlow’s street lights, despite widespread anger, protests and warnings from the AA about the risk of increased traffic accidents.

It was the Labour run Harlow Council who got them turned back on in 2015 in response to genuine concerns of community & local businesses.

Harlow is a thriving urban town, with big employers who have 24 hour shift work patterns, such as Princess Alexandra Hospital. Our shift workers in Harlow want to be able to see where they are going, whether walking or cycling to and from work. That goes the same for the many people returning home from a night out leading up to or during the weekend.

Since switching the Street lights back on, Harlow resident’s concerns with regards to crime and road collisions has fallen. At the time, residents were complaining to us that they did not feel safe in their own homes, as the streets outside remained in the dark. I met women who told me they were paying for 700m taxi rides as they didn’t feel safe walking down their streets in the darkness.

“When it comes to the local elections in May don’t risk a Tory council who will take us backwards. You need a Labour Harlow council who will stand up to the Tories at County Hall and take positive action to improve the lives of people in Harlow. We can’t afford to chance our streets lights being turned off again like they are across the rest of Tory Essex. Vote Labour on 2nd May, don’t risk Harlow being left in the dark”.

Th full list of candidates in the Harlow District Elections can be found on our politics page.

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17 Comments for Harlow Labour shine a light on importance of street lights in our town:

2019-04-16 11:30:35

It's such a shame that most of the people who commit the crime vote Labour. How about we deal with those people rather than spending more of hard working people's money on top of their benefits to tackle their crime and the associated cost with it? Lets spend that money on more important things hey. Also, when has Harlow been thriving? I must have missed this looking around the town centre with it's shops on the brink and tracksuit adorned inhabitants loitering around fast food outlets. So in response to this, don't risk another Labour council which favours no achievement, no personal responsibility and no accountability.

2019-04-16 15:49:31

Well said Harlow blue. I'm behind you on that one. Street light play a big role in the safety of the Harlow residents , which are the responsibility of theTory Essex county council administrating party but then so do lights that are in the subways that are not working which are the responsibility of the Harlow Labour administration party. The residents of Harlow pay for a service through their council tax so they should be receiving a service from both the Tory Essex county council administrating party and the Labour Harlow council administrating party. From Dan Long UKIP Harlows candidate for Harlow common.

Pyotr Kropotkin
2019-04-16 17:37:44

Harlowblue as in Tory? "It’s such a shame that most of the people who commit the crime vote Labour" That is an absolutely disgusting unfounded slur. Seriously? You are an utter melt. If GAMMON were gold, you would need an armed escort. Have you ANY evidence to support such a divisive and injurious slur? (Whilst you go look for some, I will give you evidence to the contrary.) If we pretend that white collar crime does not exist, we are left with socio-economic groups C2-D_E which cover skilled manual workers, semi-skilled & unskilled manual occupations, lowest grade occupations, and the unemployed. I presume these to encompass the 'criminals' you have in mind? I have news for you - 44% of this group vote Conservative, and (3% Purple Tories) More than voted Labour. (42%, even with the biggest increase in Labour's share since 1954) But hey you could go up the scale maybe, to look for evidence to support your sickening prejudice ... Oh, no! ... 44% AB-C1 vote Tory and even less vote Labour (40%) These groups include the more upmarket criminals, (averagely more intelligent perhaps, as only 1% of these groups voted UKIP) And here's the real kicker; The lights aren't kept on so that the criminals can find their freaking swag bags in the dark, the money is spent to keep the lights on for the town's residents to feel safer at night. To suggest that the lights are on 'because criminals' is idiotic.There may be no attackers or predators for 20 miles in all directions, but many people, perhaps especially females will still feel more vulnerable and afraid in the pitch dark. .

2019-04-16 21:42:18

Getting back to the original subject .... Just to give a different point of view .... I hosted a public meeting in Theydon Bois many years ago and whilst discussing the subject of crime in the area, I suggested that it would be a good idea if there was street lighting in the housing estates. I was told in no uncertain terms by everyone attending the meeting that residents did not want to see street lights erected. Residents who were out late at night or early mornings take a torch with them and other resident often knew who would be out and about at those times and that being pitch dark was a deterrent to would be burglars or others committing crime. Interesting to see the comment from Cllr Toal about cutbacks to the bus service. Her parties Local Plan relies heavily on a vastly improved bus service when thousands of homes are built in and around Harlow, in order to increase the % of journeys taken by bus, bike and walking from the present 35% to 50%. We in HAP pointed out at the recent Hearing of the Local Plan that despite the retail park having been built some 30 years ago there is still no bus service there. The cutbacks in recent years means that Labour's Plan is wishful thinking in respect of bus routes. The fact is, Harlow's roads are likely to be even more congested than they are now. Just from the Latton Priory development alone ECC's own figures estimate that in the evening peak time over 700 extra vehicles will be using the roads in and around Harlow's borders.Quite frankly, the plans of both Conservative controlled ECC and Labour controlled HDC will see Harlow become one big car park during peak times. Nicholas Taylor, HAP candidate in Gt Parndon.

2019-04-17 08:28:14

well said harlow blue I near enough agree on everything you say,and is Harlow thriving? looking at the dreadful town centre its hard to see how.The street light opposite my house was demolished by a yob driving to fast on drink and drugs ,and it took 6 months to get on again and looking around my area seeing the type of person coming in I despair quite frankly ,im working really hard to get out of this town and to move somewhere a lot better.

2019-04-17 11:57:58

It’s very disappointing to read such negative comments from both the local Blue Tory and UKIP. My guess I have the attitude about half full instead of a negative half empty. Today I had a walk and a watch in the town centre. families having picnics in the water gardens and children feeding the ducks. elderly people sitting around enjoying the sun and watching the world go by, having a laugh. young people outside Mc Donald’s laughing and enjoying meeting friends. A dad showing his daughter around the play area at market square. Did see 2 homeless people who were just getting on with life. Yes we have some closed shops just like every other town and city. The bins were empty and the paving had little to no litter. So for me the town centre works as a place to meet for coffee and chat.it appears all coffee shops were busy. A town centre for pleasure and entertainment. A town centre to shop and work. Proud of Harlow. Final point to Ronnieboy I have several suitcases available if it helps you to leave. Harlow is built on people’s passion for our collective community. The exit out is easy to find. Labour is committed to caring with compassion. It now appers some local Tories ,but not all and UKIP find pleasure is talking down our friends,families and our town. Have another look and see the positive of Harlow. Many thanks.

2019-04-17 12:21:51

Durcant. And you members and candidates have proven to be very discriminate by like post from people who are making nasty comments about individuals personal life.

2019-04-17 12:23:19

Durcant. And your members and candidates have proven to be very discriminate by liking post from people who are making nasty comments about individuals personal lives.

2019-04-17 13:48:21

DPI as far as am aware I have never made any comments about anyone personal lives but if you feel others have from the Labour group then we can speak or meet off line. I often comment that people lose respect and the argument when they attack the person not the subject. Honest open for a discussion. Take care.

2019-04-17 13:52:10

Durcant. Talk about take things, personally again. I didn't say you.i said Labour Members and candidates not you personally.

2019-04-17 13:58:45

I doubt if the people who commit crime could be bothered to vote.

2019-04-17 14:51:37

DPI I was hoping your comments weren’t about my engagement but the invitation is real and true. Some people appear to feel it’s ok to be nasty and vile on social media but would never say this to your face. I cover everyone in that statement. We all believe in open debate but it should be about the subject not the person. We do need to call out racists and bigots as we are very proud of our collective inclusive community. Being half full all the time can be a bit dull as it’s so easy to criticise. Next time your in the town centre sit and watch and you will see happy people and not the types that Harlow Blue claims to have seen. Sadly we do have criminals but Harlow is no different to any other place. Yes we do have people who chose to wear track suits,so what. Yes more young people may enjoy the pleasure of McDonalds but that doesn’t make them bad people. We just need to call out people who make untrue and negative comments about the town we care for. Regards to family. Enjoy Easter.

2019-04-18 08:28:13

durcant thanks for the offer but i dont need the labour party hypocrits to help me,just to see your pathetic anti democratic party wiped out by the brexit party in the euro elections will do me fine thanks.

2019-04-18 16:31:25

Durcant, Yea and most of them people have links to your party.

2019-04-18 16:45:08

DPI you have several options available. You can report them directly to Michael who will review the contents and take appropriate action. You can name and shame but you need to be sure of your facts first. This may be a challenge to UKIP as you don’t always rely on facts but emotions and the fear factor. Ronnieboy (soon to be not only leaving Europe but Harlow) Like most sensible people I can’t get excited about the Euro elections. We do need a sensible exit which safe guards jobs and security. Now confused about UKIP v Brexit party. Anyway both of you enjoy your Easter regardless.

2019-04-18 17:51:28

durcant.Theres no confusion between UKIP and the brexit party, they both want what 17.4 million people voted for.I cant get excited by the euro elections either and its your miserable party that has put us through this nonsense,we need an exit from the EU that the people voted for,they didnt vote for a customs union they voted to leave the EU, and since when did labour know the first thing about running a successful economy?quite frankly you people can get lost ..working class party my backside, and to think most of my life I voted for your shower,not any more.

2019-04-25 14:59:52

Hang on mate, who said the blue was about voting for the tories? Major assumption. It's my football team. I wouldn't vote for any of politicians on offer at the moment. Why is it always about political parties rather than individual views Also, Harlow has become a dumping ground. There are some nice bits, but on the whole, it's really going downhill. PS love being called a Gammon. Especially by someone who is offended by a comment and says its a slur. your response is to slur back with absolutely no knowledge. Doesn't make you any better does it. Problem is i'm in my 20s...so am i still a gammon, you presumptuous idiot

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