Support available for patients when leaving hospital

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Support available for patients when leaving hospital

WHAT will happen when you are ready to leave hospital? What support is available when you get home?

These and other questions face anyone who becomes a patient, whether referred as an inpatient, or, more importantly if admitted urgently from the emergency department.

The prospect of going home after treatment undoubtedly causes anxiety and questions, so nurses and support staff at The Princess Alexandra Hospital Trust (PAHT) have set up special drop-in sessions on a daily basis to allow patients, their relatives and carers to ask for information, advice and support.

The team of staff who are specifically engaged in ensuring good care after a hospital stay consists of nursing staff, social care workers and liaison staff. These people, called the integrated discharge team, work to put a variety of measures in place for you, including care and support within the community.

During experience of care week (23 – 27 April), an international event that celebrates the work that is happening across health and social care to keep improving experiences of care for patients, families, carers and staff. The PAHT discharge team are inviting everyone to come and find out about how PAHT works with partner agencies to ensure a best possible experience for patients after their treatment, in their homes and in the community.

Kay Cobbold, transfer care matron, said “It is so important for people to feel informed and able to plan for their stay and going home. We are happy to meet with any patient, relative or carer to offer help and advice in planning hospital discharge.”

The majority of people simply want to know when they will go home and what will happen after that. The discharge team sessions are designed to give these answers.

They are available every week day in the Patient Information Centre at the front entrance of the Princess Alexandra Hospital (Hamstel Road, Harlow, CM20 1QX). You can pop in to speak to the team between 3pm and 4.30pm – you don’t need to book an appointment.

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3 Comments for Support available for patients when leaving hospital:

Sandra Lloyd
2022-08-20 13:48:41

I searched the hospital yesterday for anyone who knows where the Discharge Team is based so i could discuss the discharge of my 92 year old father. I was told that the staff in Fleming Ward were unable to contact the discharge team as they had no office and were around the hospital. I was promised a message would be sent to them and that I would get a call back. This never happened. I asked a person in reception who directed me to A&E and the receptionist said I should contact the ward because it was nothing to do with them. You refer to the new position of the Care Home Impartial Assessor for local discharge. I have been trying to contact Discharge Team for two days but unable to do so.

Sandra Lloyd
2022-08-20 13:57:09

The nurse on Fleming Ward contacted The Discharge Team on Friday and they said they will call me but they didnt. I suspect they do not work at the weekends so not sure how important the discharge function is when there are limited beds available. Shouldnt this be a 7 day a week function?

2023-01-21 01:49:42

We have been requesting the discharge team contact us, informing PALS and the ward, leaving letters and now complaints and still nothing, it is like avoidance of the families who really need them to be transparent, open and receptive to families that are trying to ensure their loved ones are treated with dignity, respected and kept safe, that what is organised is right for them and that all the facts and considerations are put in the review done... The last time our mothers discharge was not even sent to the doctors and it meant having to go back into the hospital to try and get a print out, this mean the medications had run out by the time we got this and the GP was unable to issue the insulin required.. Horrendous that there is NO CONTACT and that families are enduring this unprofessional and inept conduct.

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