Ward by Ward: Mark Hall

NOW this is a busy ward. From Harlow Museum across to The Stow, there is plenty for a local councillor to get their teeth into.

Only last month, councillors were grappling with challenges at Tanys Dell school, the re-opening of Harlow Museum to the future of The Stow.

Labour cannot afford to take this seat for granted. In 2010, they squeezed home by 41 votes. In 2014, UKIP won five seats but by 2015, UKIP lost one of those seats again. losing half their vote. It has remained solidly Labour since then but with Brexit etc one may have to keep an eye on that UKIP vote. In 2018, they polled 140 votes and now they have a candidate in Richard Holloway who looks like he is prepared to put in the hard yards. Probably won’t win but either the number or percentage may be worth looking at.

Defending councillor Bob Davis hides his light under a bushel. Cllr Davis does much of his best work in arenas such as the Scrutiny Committee, where much of the key work in a council goes on. Bob is also a member of the planning committee and again, anyone who observes those meetings will appreciate that cllr Davis only speaks when he has something to say.

The Conservative candidate, Andrew Colley got over 500 votes last year and so it is good to see a candidate in it for the long haul. Who knows if he will take a Brexit hit. if it is a guide, there was a by-election over on our sister paper in Thurrock (Aveley) and the Conservatives gained the seat.

Lib-Dem Lesley Rideout turns out again. Despite their low profile and lack of energy a candidate such as Mrs Rideout still manages to poll over 100 votes. It still suggests that if the Lib Dems go their act together in this town they could mount a comeback. Could….

YH Prediction: Lab Hold

Mark Hall

Andrew Colley (Cons)
Bob Davis (Lab)
Richard Holloway (Ukip)
Lesley Rideout (Lib Dem)

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One Response to "Ward by Ward: Mark Hall"

  1. D.p.l   April 18, 2019 at 8:36 pm

    Get your facts right.
    I wish we won ten seats, if we did, The Labour party will no longer exist.
    We won five seats in 2014.
    Dan Long
    UKIP Harlows candidate for Harlow common.

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