Athletics: Busy Easter for Harlow athletes

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HARLOW Running Club members were out and about over the Easter period at various events. On Good Friday at the St Albans 10K Andy Terrell finished in 33rd place out of 608 finishers in 41min 45sec, Laura Prime was 192nd in 51.34, Paula Miles 332nd in 58.25(PB), Debra Monk 367th in 59.52(PB) and Kim Wookey 479th in 63.35.

Meanwhile on Easter Monday at the Planes, Trains and Automobile Navigation Run, a 5 mile self navigate trail race at Braintree, David Page finished in 29th place out of 57 finishers in 67.16, Laura Prime was 30th in 67.37, Lindsey Pearson 31st in 67.40, Janice Page 32nd in 67.41, Brenda Clayton 33rd in 67.42, Teresa Stickland 34th in 67.43, Bill Brunton 35th in 67.44, Teresa Holden 36th in 67.46 and Karen Moir 37th in 67.50.

In between times on the Saturday many runners completed parkruns.

At Harlow parkrun Martin Westley was first finisher out of 270 finishers in 17.45. He was followed home by Laurence Maddock 6th in 19.28, Lee Webber 9th in 20.54, Marc Witham 13th in 21.44, Jamie Jephcott 14th in 21.46, Andy Terrell 15th in 21.48, John Bull 18th in 22.17, Dominic Emery 25th in 22.43, Allison Beeton 26th in 22.49, Richard Fryer 28th in 22.56(PB), Robert Scott 29th in 22.56, Terri Wiley 41st in 23.57(PB), Chris McCarthy 45th in 24.20, Bobby Draper 52nd in 25.42, Jim Bates 57th in 26.05, Tracy Stratford 60th in 25.42, Laura Prime 72nd in 27.06, Andy Kitson 74th in 27.15, Ayshea Pite 75th in 27.20, Robin Lozeau 82nd in 27.36, Tony Harman 90th in 28.16, Alan Wellbelove 98th in 28.52, Hossein Erfani 107th in 29.20, Sandra Webber 108th in 29.22, Alison Bull 109th in 29.24, Paula Miles 111th in 29.30, Kelly Burgess 112th in 29.32, Catherine Ridge 115th in 29.44, Terry Ridge 116th in 29.44, Jane Evans 125th in 30.10, Graham Saville 127th in 30.13, Debra Monk 128th in 30.16, Austin Nyamande 133rd in 30.43, Vincent Martin 137th in 30.54, Andy Smith 144th in 31.08, Helen Barnes-Martin 146th in 31.10, Laura Jephcott 154th in 31.41, Pushpa Mistry 163rd in 32.15, Julie Bradley 164th in 32.20, Teresa Warren 167th in 32.37, Wendy Schroder 176th in 33.12, Debbie Cooper 182nd in 33.27, Michael Robey 200th in 34.21, Glen Smith 203rd in 34.36, Julie Bull 235th in 37.41(PB), Spencer Brooks 254th in 41.31, Sharon Brooks 255th in 41.34, Amber Dickinson 259th in 44.20, Karen Kitson 260th in 45.02, Yasmin Gregory 262nd in 45.19, Pauline Weirich 263rd in 45.33, Nicola Wix 267th in 52.53, Sara Coombe 268th in 53.23 and Jennie Gould 269th in 53.57.

At Hatfield parkrun Danny McCree finished in 9th place out of 329 finishers in 17.46(EQ PB).

At Bishop’s Stortford parkrun Jason Haigh finished in 7th place out of 446 finishers in 19.06, Owen Haigh was 19th in 19.53, Justin Patten 63rd in 22.38, Paul Dixon 71st in 22.55, Bill Brunton 223rd in 28.06, Teresa Holden 361st in 33.04 and Helen Brunton 394th in 36.02.

At Chelmsford parkrun Kirk Crudgington finished in 21st place out of 861 finishers in 19.29.

At the Gunpowder parkrun aMichael Woodruff finished in 10th place out of 249 finishers in 19.25 and Jon Waight was 18th in 20.33.

At Maldon parkrun Martyn Coulter finished in 17th place out of 399 finishers in 19.41 and Louise Cootes was 146th in 26.42.

At Bournemouth parkrun Francesca Tye finished in 115th place out of 704 finishers in 22.59.

At Westmill parkrun Sean Flynn finished in 19th place out of 92 finishers in 23.03 and Holly Davis was 30th in 24.39.

At Stretford parkrun in Manchester Mark Hayward finished in 126th place out of 627 finishers in 23.19.

At Hackney Marshes parkrun Darren Rautenbach finished in 133rd place out of 330 finishers in 24.24.

At Billericay parkrun David Page finished in 139th place out of 377 finishers in 27.19 and Janice Page was 158th in 28.06.

At Bedworth parkrun Jason Pite finished in 127th place out of 242 finishers in 28.45(PB).

At Panshanger parkrun Michael Gornall finished in 247th place out of 385 finishers in 30.29.

At Penrose parkrun in Cornwall Joanne Mills finished in 265th place out of 356 finishers in 32.51 and Peter Mills was 296th in 34.32.

At Alexandra Palace parkrun Andy Kinney finished in 230th place out of 286 finishers in 32.50.

At Bury St Edmunds parkrun Teresa Stickland finished in 201st place out of 363 finishers in 28.08(PB) and Brenda Clayton was 257th in 30.54.

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