Harlow TUC call to get dangerous substances out of the workplace.

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Dangerous Substances – Get them out of the workplace!

SUNDAY 28th April 2019 is the day when workers from all over the world remember those who have been killed at work or through work. This years focus is on carcinogens which are substances capable of causing cancer in living tissues.

The HSE estimate13,500 new cases of cancer with 8,000 deaths per year where there is a proven link between cancer and the workplace, the reality is the figures are likely to be much higher. Information on occupational cancers is below:


It is important to remember that all occupational cancers are avoidable; most workers don’t die through tragic accidents but because an employer failed to prioritise their safety. The message is ‘If you see it or smell it, sort it’. The purpose of Workers Memorial Day is to ‘remember the dead; fight for the living’ to ensure such tragedies are not repeated.

Locally, we have requested Harlow Council fly the flag at half mast to remember Workers Memorial Day and there are events across the country to mark this occasion. On Monday 29/04/2019 at 12.30 pm trade unions and workers will meet at the Memorial Tree in Central Park in Chelmsford and there will also be a Health & Safety Exhibition at the Library’s Remembrance Square between 29/04/2019 and 04/05/2019.

If you would like more information about TUC activities locally please contact the Chair of Harlow Trades Council, Allan Jolley at [email protected]

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