Robert Halfon slams PM Theresa May after local election results (and worries about The Brexit Parrty)

Politics / Wed 8th May 2019 am31 09:37am

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon has blasted the prime minister Theresa May following the Conservatives disastrous showing at the local council elections last week.

In an article for Conservative Home, he expresses grave concern that the failure to deliver Brexit has a number of worrying consequences for the Conservatives.

Mr Halfon praises the local Harlow Conservatives for retaining all their seats but he casts a gloomy eye on the European elections on May 23rd.

It is also clear that Mr Halfon is worried about Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party.

You get the feeling that he fears that a single issue “Betrayed by Brexit” party standing in a General Election in Harlow could put his majority of 7,031 under serious threat.

The full article can be read below.


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14 Comments for Robert Halfon slams PM Theresa May after local election results (and worries about The Brexit Parrty):

2019-05-08 18:27:10

As a non-Tory voter, I have a lot of respect for Robert Halfon. He raises several local issues in Parliament. Also, he is one of the few MPs who is willing to work cross-party with a sensible solution to Brexit - Common Market 2.0 aka Norway Plus. His article linked above is worth reading but he is incorrect about Farage’s Brexit Party. They don't have about 85,000 paying "members". The Brexit party is basically a Farage fan club, they have no power over the party leader. Only a very few are formal members with power to vote on the leadership. There's a word for that, I can't quite remember what it is. Also, there was no "relative" success of Liberals and Greens (and independents), the success was real. Robert says it was "not down to some huge enthusiasm for Remain", but I think that was one of the factors. I think Robert is wrong, it wasn't a protest vote. Those who wished to protest would likely spoil their ballot, I've seen reports where some did. Robert only briefly mentions "austerity" and doesn't comment at all on how central government has cut funding to all local councils. This could have been a major factor. The cartoon of him going up the ladder - that has to be his new twitter avatar.

2019-05-09 15:59:19

no ..the brexit party is a way of expressing our(my) disgust at the way the mps have handled brexit? you tell me another way? we voted to leave the EU and have not done so,this has nothing to do with farage hes just like the rest of us that feel cheated and let down by politicians, to me labour and conservatives are exactly the same.

2019-05-09 18:33:39

Ronnie, I understand your frustration. Afterall, John Redwood said before the 2016 refferendum "Getting out of the EU can be quick and easy" and Liam Fox said "The free trade agreement that we will have to do with the European Union should be one of the easiest in human history". I'm fairly sure John Redwood voted against the withdrawl agreement, (not sure about Liam Fox) therefore stopping Brexit. "you tell me another way?" The wrong way that others have done is to threaten MPs with violence and abuse. The right way is to use your vote. If you want to vote for the Farage Fan Club then go ahead. Whichever party you chose, you should always check out who exactly you are voting for. For the upcoming EU elections Eastern Region, for the Farage Fan Club there is: 1. Richard Tice - ex-conservative, likely very rich from property. One of the "elete"? 2. Michael Heaver - part owner of a web site that NewsGuard says "Proceed with caution: This website severely violates basic standards of credibility and transparency." 3. June Mummery - She looks like someone who could be worth voting for. Done a lot of work for the East Anglian fishing industry. Why June isn't first on the list is something I would be asking. There's more people on the list. I suspect you will get more opportunities in the next 18 months - possible General Election, and possible third refferendum.

2019-05-10 09:46:44

Im sorry you talk a load of old rubbish,the reason we havnt left the EU is mainly due to the fact that the remainers never accepted the democratic view of the people.whats the differance between the farage fan club and the corbyn fan club? We all know about labour how they virtually bankrupt the country in 2009 . what was it liam byrne left? oh yes a note saying "weve run out of money sorry" .There wont be another referendum because we have already had one.Next time you comment say something useful .

2019-05-10 11:05:05

ronnieboy1 Take no notice of kthe5, I think that it's a central office propagandist trying to indoctrinate the unwary. Probably one of BH's cronies, you know, the Champagne Socialists club. Labour breeds POVERTY.

2019-05-10 12:08:29

kthe5, I'm a Conservative voter, nationally anyway, and I completely agree with your original points above. That Lib Dem and Green surge in votes could be down to an anti-brexit stance and it wasn't minimal. I completely disagree with the statement by Robbieboy1 that we haven't left because remainers are ignoring democracy. That's utter crap. The process of undoing 50 years of treaties and appeasing northern Ireland would never be easy and anyone who thought so doesn't understand either politics or legislation, but it sounds nice to think we can just walk away, so it's not ignoring democracy, it's just really difficult to do it well. Now, Conservative, Labour and UKIP did have brexit in a manifesto at the last GE and 80% of the population did vote for it. So Brexit, sadly, has to be delivered and even though i voted remain, the original referendum and the subsequent general election both say that people wanted out so we as a population have to support that. Yes, minds may have changed, or the remain vote is now more energised to vote, but it doesn't change the fact that we still need it to be done. But it's not easy. However, this brexit party are going to start the agenda again of well why don't we just walk away etc. If it was that easy or good to do it would have been done already and living off failures without any credible solutions is the worst kind of politics. It's a kind of politics i don't like Labour in Harlow doing saying this and that is bad, but not coming up with any solutions of how to do it better. The last thing we need is those on the right doing exactly the same thing... God i wish for the day when politics is solutions focused, based on good reasoned arguments again, praise if things work and doing the right thing rather than pandering to angry people on both the left and the right who stick to unachievable and harmful ideals.

2019-05-10 14:09:23

The sad losers in the referendum will still be moaning no matter what. The deal is OUT, not, "Oh yea we thought you meant sort of out, not really". 52% of the electorate won the day, what's to argue, only the double dyed losers in Westminster should be booted out for wrecking the process. Remoaners, nothing more or less.

2019-05-10 14:50:38

Not at all. We elect MPs to represent us and make decisions that are supposed to be beneficial to us. If the current deal or no deal is so utterly damaging then it is right to find a way of getting a better deal for people and that is the right and the duty of MPs to do that, that's what democracy is. Now i'm not saying we remain, because as you point out, people voted to leave, technically twice. But you've got to understand that not everyone really knew what that would entail and it's going to take a bit of work. Also the EU have all the cards. You can't just walk out on a mortgage or any other contract without penalties so why should leaving the EU be any different. Also look at Nissan and the trade deal with Japan. The only reason the UK had that was because we we're in the EU, now we intend not to be, the EU struck the deal with Japan making the UK useless. So we have to be very careful how we handle leaving and position ourselves as an attractive place for the world to do business and not on 3rd world state terms. Finally, don't call people remoaners. I bet you'd hate being called a gammon when you're probably not an angry fat middle aged man. both terms are derogatory and not based on any fact. Stupid name calling doen not validate an argument. There are people like me who voted remain, but also want to see us get the deal done and leave as people wished. What's remoaning about that? And that's probably where many MPs are too.

2019-05-10 17:40:29

"Now, Conservative, Labour and UKIP did have brexit in a manifesto at the last GE and 80% of the population did vote for it." Thanks jhumphreys for the reminder, I had forgotten that fact. "the reason we havnt left the EU is mainly due to the fact that the remainers..." Are "remainers" responsible for stopping Brexit from happening? The last time the withdrawal agreement was voted on it was defeated by 58 votes. Robert Halfon voted for it, so our MP is not responsible for stopping it. The 'remain' parties - SNP, LibDems, TIG, Plaid & Greens are very much in the minority. The 'remain' parties do not have any where enough votes to stop the withdrawal agreement on their own. Voting against were 34 Cons. and 10 DUP. This leaves about 15-ish votes needing it to pass. As jhumphreys says Labour has a commitment in it's manifesto from the last election to leave, therefore they could have voted for the deal. But 234 Labour votes were against. Therefore, Brexit has been stopped purely by parties with a commitment to leave. It is 'leavers' that have stopped Brexit from happening. Unless, spoon botherer Uri Geller really did use his psychic powers to get into the minds of the DUP etc. If he did, I wonder what that was like? Mickey, you can call me a 'remoaner' or any other childish,petty name that you wish, if it makes you feel better. Please do continue with your conspiracy theories, but try not to go the full David Icke. "Probably one of BH’s cronies" BH? Bob Holness? Yes you got me. I worship at the alter of Blockbusters and await to be allowed to "have a P please, Bob".

2019-05-11 05:51:48

Obviously kthe5, you're not a 'local', but you definitely are confused.com

2019-05-11 09:01:56

Sideshow Bob will slam May as he is backing Sajid Javid for the leadership.

2019-05-11 09:46:43

mass immigration from the EU has ruined this country and certainly this town thanks in main to that dreadful war criminal blair, the population of this town has shot up in recent years due mainly to this factor,the roads are crammed full ..the schools are crammed full.. wages kept down..due the importation of cheap labour from the EU and iam sure this is a major factor why 70% of Harlow voted for leave..You have to laugh at the greens supporting this and then moaning about pollution as for labour and the tories I wouldnt give 2 hoots for either both exactly the same ...useless. and corbyn a man who voted against the traitor john majors maastrict bill of 1992 and now supports it what a hypocrit.

2019-05-11 09:52:55

not 1 single piece of usefull information from our remainer friends ,who still bang on about how thick we all are to vote leave, and will they respect this euro election result? only if they win it seems,and remember you labour voters corbyn voted against the maastrict treaty in 1992 which heralded in the free movement of cheap labour ..and now he supports it...

2019-05-11 12:11:24

Spot on Ronnie.

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