Athletics: Harlow success at Saffron Walden Tri

HARLOW Running Club’s triathletes were in action over the weekend at the Saffron Walden Tri (400m swim / 23km bike / 5km run). Andy Kitson led the way in 12th place out of 194 finishers in an excellent 1hr 11min 58sec. He was followed by Paul Schroder 51st in 1.22.51, Andy Smith 74th in 1.24.57, James Keys-Kidd 94th in 1.27.11, Dionne Jones 123rd and 3rd Female Vet 50 in 1.31.33, Paul Lawes 135th in 1.33.09, Steve Warren 143rd in 1.35.26, Kerry Mavris 146th in 1.35.52, Alan Cootes 150th and 1st Vet 65 in 1.36.47, Jason Pite 151st in 1.36.48, Michael Gornall 152nd in 1.36.57, David Page 157th in 1.38.02, Janice Page 158th and 1st Female Vet 55 in 1.38.55, Kate Babb 161st in 1.39.27, Helen Barrell 164th in 1.41.25, Wendy Schroder 169th in 1.42.59, Karen Moir 181st and 3rd Female Vet 55 in 1.46.20, Jane Evans 187th in 1.54.31, Louise Cootes 191st in 2.01.01 and Karen Kitson 194th in 2.17.05.

Meanwhile at the Havering Velopark Duathlon (2 mile run / 10 mile bike / 1 mile run) Jon Waight finished in 12th place out of 67 finishets and 2nd Vet 50 in 51.20.

At the Chase the Sun Olympic Park 10K Danny McCree finished in 7th place out of 248 finishers in a superb 37.48.

At the Essex Cross Country 10K Series at Hylands Park in Chelmsford Michael Woodruff finished in 9th place out of 245 finishers and 2nd Vet 50 in a PB time of 40.16.

At the Colchester 10K Andy Ramage finished in 71st place out of 852 finishers in 43.10(PB).

At the Tower of London 10K (10 laps around the Tower) Julie Bull finished in 397th place out of 766 finishers in 1.16.30(PB).

At Harlow parkrun Martin Westley was 1st finisher out of 234 finishers in 18.16. He was followed home by Andy Terrell 6th in 20.40, Martyn Coulter 8th in 20.53, Lee Webber 9th in 20.59, Paul Schroder 10th in 21.12, Marc Witham 15th in 21.51, Lex Ellington 24th in 22.25(PB), Mathew Austin 25th in 22.29, Dominic Emery 26th in 22.33(PB), Richard Fryer 32nd in 22.43, Mick Maddams 35th in 23.21, Jon Waight 42nd in 24.13, Bobby Draper 45th in 24.22, Laura Prime 50th in 25.22, Jim Bates 52nd in 25.30(CR Vet 75), Steve Warren 54th in 25.36, Ryan Smith 57th in 25.54, Keith Streeter 59th in 26.01, Andy Kitson 66th in 26.17, Gary Mead 67th in 26.19, Robin Lozeau 68th in 26.24, Hazel Kurz 70th in 26.30, Ayshea Pite 76th in 26.47, Graham Saville 82nd in 27.03, Louise Cootes 86th in 27.31, Vincent Martin 102nd in 28.44, Tony Harman 107th in 29.23, Austin Nyamande 109th in 29.34, John Edwards 116th in 30.09, Hossein Erfani 121st in 30.42, Michael Robey 124th in 30.45, Tracie Cook 127th in 30.53, Karen Moir 128th in 30.57, Teresa Warren 130th in 31.07, Jason Pite 131st in 31.10, Debbie Cooper 135th in 31.40, Kelly Grey 140th in 32.05, Louise Peacock 155th in 33.05, Jane Evans 156th in 33.06, Ron Newton 165th in 34.00, Paul Dixon 167th in 34.05, Wendy Schroder 173rd in 34.46, Glen Smith 180th in 35.08, Liz Roberts 181st in 35.15, Pauline Weirich 218th in 43.14, Nicola Wix 222nd in 47.37(PB), Jennie Gould 225th in 49.54(PB), Sharon Brooks 229th in 53.01, Spencer Brooks 233rd in 53.22 and Andy Kinney 234th in 53.23.

At Huddersfield parkrun Jamie Jephcott finished in 33rd place out of 711 finishers in 21.06.

At Hertford parkrun Darren Rautenbach finished in 100th place out of 414 finishers in 24.46.

At Bishop’s Stortford parkrun Justin Patten finished in 77th place out of 362 finishers in 25.01, David Page was 128th in 27.18, Martin McColgan 143rd in 27.45, Janice Page 149th in 27.53, Bill Brunton 217th in 30.13 and Helen Brunton 345th in 39.26.

At Hatfield parkrun Teresa Stickland finished in 145th place out of 290 finishers in 28.38 and Brenda Clayton was 149th in 29.06.

At Colchester Castle parkrun Alan Wellbelove finished in 225th place out of 315 finishers in 33.36.

At the midweek Lea Valley Aquathlon (500m swim 5.5k run), in the women’s race, Fieke Blackweel finished in 5th place out of 18 finishers in 36.50, Gail Nicholls was 6th in 38.28, Allison Beeton 10th in 39.47 and Kerry Mavris 13th in 43.39(PB).
In the mens race Pas Blackwell finished in 2nd place out of 34 finishers in 30.17, Andy Kitson was 3rd in 30.59, Ben Usher 12th in 34.25, Paul Schroder 18th in 35.54(PB), Josh Shelter 20th in 36.30, Alan Cootes 32nd in 44.32 and Jason Pite 34th in 51.24.
In the women’s shorter event (250m swim 3k run) Janice Page finished in 6th place out of 10 finishers in 26.12. In the men’s shorter event Ryan Smith finished in 6th place out of 14 finishers in 17.52 and Rob Lowe was 3rd in 18.54.

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