Travellers flout injunction by setting up on cricket pitch in Harlow.

News / Sat 25th May 2019 am31 06:00am

1330 hrs

Travellers steadily leave field under police direction.

A few are waiting to travel as a group as they leave Harlow. Essex Police officers and Harlow Council will remain in area until this happens.

Update: 1230 hrs

Essex Police have moved into the unlawful traveller encampment in Harlow.

There are over a dozen police vehicles at the scene.

Chief Inspector Matt Cornish has issued a statement detailing that “Section 61 powers are being used at the unlawful encampment. Site set to be cleared by 1400 hrs.”

There has been one arrest for seven offences including robbery, burglary and recall to prison. All offences out of region.”


A LARGE group of travellers have settled on a cricket pitch in Harlow.

Over a dozen caravans plus cars and lorries have settled on the field near to Second Avenue and Tillwicks Road.

There is a bar gate to the field on Tendring Road but it appears that the lock has been removed.

There is a town wide injunction, which bans Travellers from setting up of unauthorised encampments across Harlow.

It was started in June 2017 and runs until midnight on 14 June 2020.

The injunction bans 40 named persons from setting up unauthorised encampments on any land in Harlow. It also protects 322 vulnerable sites across Harlow including parks and playgrounds, business areas, highway verges, schools, cycle tracks, previously occupied sites and some private land from person’s unknown setting up unauthorised encampments.

Breaching the injunction is a serious offence and could lead to a custodial sentence.

A spokesperson for Harlow Council said: “The Council has become aware that Travellers have moved onto land adjacent to Tillwicks Road and Tendring Road in Bush Fair overnight.

“Our Community Safety Team are currently preparing paperwork to serve on this group in accordance with the High Court injunction the Council took out to protect our green spaces.

“The paperwork will be served on the travellers this morning requiring them to leave by 4.00 pm”.

An Essex Police spokesperson said: “Police were contacted at just after 10pm on Friday May 24 following reports of an unauthorised encampment on a cricket field near to Second Avenue and Tillwicks Road in Harlow.

“We are working closely with our partners at Harlow District Council, who own the land, to take appropriate action”.

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