Harlow voters back The Brexit Party in European Elections

News / Sun 26th May 2019 pm31 09:31pm

Harlow Result

IT was a good night for The Brexit Party in Harlow in the European elections.

The Conservatives fell away to fourth place. It was a good night for the Lib Dems in Harlow.

More reaction to follow.

Brexit Party: 7,737
Labour Party: 3,037
Lib Dems: 2,172
Conservative and Unionist Party: 1,633
Green Party of England and Wales: 1,589
UKIP: 899
Change UK The Independent Group: 502
English Democrat: 122
Csordas Atilla: (Independent): 43

Turnout: 30.47%
Votes Cast: 17,820

The Total Vote in the Eastern Region

Brexit Party: 604,715
Lib Dems: 361,563
Green Party of England and Wales: 201,460
Conservative and Unionist Party: 163,830
Labour Party: 139,490
Change UK The Independent Group: 58,274
UKIP: 54,676
English Democrat: 10,217
Csordas Atilla: (Independent): 3,230

Seven MEPs

1. Richard Tice (Brexit)
2. Barbara Gibson (Lib Dems)
3. Michael Heaver (Brexit)
4. Catherine Rowett (Green)
5. June Mummery (Brexit)
6. Lucy Nethsinga (Lib Dems)
7. Geoffrey Van Orden (Cons)


The East of England is voting for seven MEPs, out of a total of 73 being voted for in 12 multi-member regional constituencies.

Out of the seven MEP spaces available in our region, there are nine parties with different candidates. This includes Change UK, Conservative, English Democrats, Green, Labour, Liberal Democrats, The Brexit Party, UKIP and an Independent.

The count for the East of England will be taking place in the Chelmsford Sports and Athletics Centre.

The number of MEPs each party gets is calculated using a formula called d’Hondt, except in Northern Ireland.


The Brexit Party

Richard Tice
Michael Heaver
June Mummery
Paul Hearn
Priscilla Huby
Sean Lever
Edmund Fordham

Liberal Democrats

Barbara Gibson
Lucy Nethsingha
Fionna Tod
Stephen Robinson
Sandy Walkington
Marie Goldman
Jules Ewart

Labour Party

Alex Mayer
Chris Vince
Sharon Taylor
Alvin Shum
Anna Smith
Adam Scott
Javeria Hussain

Green Party

Dr Catherine Rowett
Rupert Read
Martin Schmierer
Fiona Radic
Paul Jeater
Dr Pallavi Devulapalli
Jeremy Caddick

English Democrats

The candidates put forward by the English Democrats are:

Robin Tilbrook
Charles Vickers
Bridget Vickers
Paul Wiffen

Conservative Party

Geoffrey Van Orden
John Flack
Joe Rich
Thomas McLaren
Joel Charles
Wazz Mughal
Thomas Smith

Change UK

Dr Emma Taylor
Neil Carmichael
Bhavna Joshi
Michelle de Vries
Amanda Gummer
Thomas Graham
Roger Casale

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7 Comments for Harlow voters back The Brexit Party in European Elections:

2019-05-27 08:52:33

The people in this town want out of the EU,they are fed up with the free movement of cheap labour supplied by the EU, and the taking of homes at the expense of our own harlow people who have been born and brought up here.Labour do not stand up for ordinary people in this town.

2019-05-27 10:36:49

Hi Ronnie! Adding up the parties and as a percent of the total votes, I make it 49.15% for the hard-brexit parties, 24% for the pro-remain parties. About 2:1. Applying the same methodology to the 2016 referendum results gives very similar results. Back then the turn out was much higher at 73.56% so probably more accurate assment of what this town wants. 68% leave, 32% remain, very close to 2:1. Basically nothing much has changed in 3 years.

2019-05-27 12:05:39

Back to central office, KT. Is it just a protest vote, or will it stick in the future ? I bet that a lot of people are well and truly shocked by these results, it's going to be quite interesting in the coming months.

2019-05-27 13:35:11

kthe5 ..nothing has changed correct we are still in the EU ,remoaners have caused these problems by not accepting the referendum result, if remain had won by 1 vote I would have accepted it and moved on.I can see real trouble ahead especially if brexit is cancelled which is what I suspect will happen.

2019-05-27 21:51:24

"remoaners have caused these problems by not accepting the referendum result" Please provide your evidence to justify this claim. I can't wait to see your logic & reason. "I can see real trouble ahead especially if brexit is cancelled" If it is cancelled without a third referendum, yes definately. Hi Micky "it’s going to be quite interesting in the coming months." True. The Conservatives will be selecting the next worst leader in history. Will it be BoJo The Clown, who spent £52M on a garden-bridge without laying one brick? Will it be Michael "Backstabber" Gove who will pledge free British citizenship for 3 million EU nationals? This is the same 3M "cheap labour supplied by the EU". Or one of the many dozens who are standing. "Back to central office" you've said this before, but I have no idea what you are talking about. Is "central office" some sort of code?

2019-05-28 08:45:24

.remoaners caused the problems of brexit by not accepting the referendum result " ok where do i start.. lets go for the 24th june 2016 a protest in london about the result because they lost....owen smith saying 1 week after the result "we need another referendum"133 labour mps, in labour leave voting constituences , voting against anything remotely brexit in the house. theres a million other instances of remainers blocking the path of brexit.lets take the BBC, a remainer institution, consistantly playing down any good news about the economy and playing up the bad news, lets take the other night brexit party won easily actually ..and its a win for remain...and even soubrey, that mountain of a misery,saying change uk "done well" soubrey another who wanted another referendum the day after the last defeat, and corbyn...who actually voted against the maastrict treaty of 1992 set up by that other remoaner major and now supports it, and gordon browns last ditch attempt to stop the brexit party last week by making up some rubbish about brexit party funding.Im sorry remainers wont accept the referendum result of 2016 and this has caused nearly all the trouble.

2019-06-01 12:02:29

Where are the UKIP candidates???? Missed off by mistake?

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