Harlow residents asked to dispose of batteries correctly

HARLOW residents visiting recycling centres are being urged to dispose of batteries in the correct containers to help prevent fires and explosions.

Dangerous items such as batteries, including larger batteries from items such as mobile phones or laptops, should never be disposed of in household waste at home or in the general rubbish bins at recycling centres. These items have the potential to cause fires or explode at storage and processing facilities when waste is treated prior to disposal.

Cllr Simon Walsh, Essex County Council Cabinet Member for Waste, said, “It is vitally important that we all dispose of our waste correctly. Batteries have the potential to damage equipment or seriously injure people who handle waste in storage or treatment facilities. It’s our duty to ensure we dispose of our waste in a responsible way.”

People disposing of waste can ask a member of staff if they are unsure of where to put their items.

More information on disposing of batteries can be found at: http://loveessex.org/news-and-ideas/make-the-most-of-old-electricals/

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