Harlow Conservatives demand answers from Labour over visit of suspended MP

Politics / Tue 4th Jun 2019 am30 06:37am

THREE senior Harlow Conservatives have demanded answers from senior Harlow Labour figures over the invitation to suspended MP Chris Williamson to speak in Harlow.

Harlow MP Robert Halfon, the leader of the Harlow Conservatives, cllr Andrew Johnson and chair of Harlow Conservat5ives, cllr Russell Perrin have all signed a letter to the leader of Harlow Council, cllr Mark Ingall and prospective parliamentary candidate, Laura McAlpine.

The contents of the letter can be seen below.

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15 Comments for Harlow Conservatives demand answers from Labour over visit of suspended MP:

2019-06-04 15:35:50

The country is going to hell in a handcart and all the Conservatives can do is make disgusting and irrelevant slurs about an invitation to a sitting MP coming to debate important matters left devastated by their government. They forget of course they asked a narcissistic, misogynistic and racist leader of the free world to come and insult the British people. And you wonder why the electorate treat politicians with utter contempt today.

2019-06-05 16:28:49

Typical of the Marxists to cast aspersions about all and sundry, failing to resolve the Anti-Semitic problem in their midst. The insults directed against the President of the USA are disgusting. He is here to honour the fallen all those who fought on D-Day. People should remember, that without them, where would we now be ? As for insulting the British, that's laughable, Khan and Corbyn, maybe, just desserts.

2019-06-05 17:45:05

I am always amazed at the double standards of the Conservatives who are apparently against any form of racist, gender or age discrimination. But Boris Johnson has described Muslim woman in the most pejorative and disgusting manner and the party refuses to hold an inquiry into Islamophobic behaviour allegedly carried out by some of their members as highlighted by Baroness Sayeeda Warsi and the Muslim Council of Britain. Why is that the case? Isn't their refusal insulting to the British people? The Labour party on the other hand is now cooperating with an Inquiry into alleged acts of antisemitic behaviour by some of its members. Mind you Donald Trump is a man of words and trust: isn't he? Yesterday the NHS must be part of any trade deal and today it is no part of any trade deal. Makes Boris Johnson look intelligent on that criteria. If the UK election is held later this year Jeremy Corbyn will lead the Labour party into it with in my view a radical and credible policy agenda for change as Mr. Halfon acknowledged recently. Will the Conservative party have anything to match it or will it just continue what it has given this country for the last nine years: despair, destitution and debt. I suspect the latter.

2019-06-06 05:57:48

G. Extreme socialism yet again, it makes me wonder how Zocialist you really are. Some-times it's impossible to defend the in-defensible, you seem to deny all the problems that Bliar and his gang left us, truly in constant denial. Our Leader Corbyn, radical solutions, steady on, at this rate you'll be asking for a one party state before long.

2019-06-06 06:52:54

I note that you have not answered the fundamental issue of Conservative policy. Do they have any other than austerity and leaving the EU?

2019-06-06 09:51:36

Wise up G. Bliar left us absolutely broke, busted, skint. Remember the note. "we've run out of money" ? P F I

2019-06-06 10:08:45

This is In response to Gary's comment about President Donald Trumps visit to.the UK. How the hell can any left wing supporter have the nerve to call anyone racist when the biggest ever racist to walk this planet was a left wing socialist. Plus it wasn't the Tory government who invented President Donald Trump, it was her majesty the queen. This was a officially state visit.

2019-06-06 14:54:14

Micky B77 still not telling me what Conservative policies will win them an election. They only know two: Austerity and leaving the EU. That limited and disgusting level of incompetence will not impress the electorate.

2019-06-06 15:01:24

D.p.I please tell me who this is: "How the hell can any left wing supporter have the nerve to call anyone racist when the biggest ever racist to walk this planet was a left wing socialist" And of course it is just as well that it: "wasn't the Tory government who invented President Donald Trump" because that really would have been a crime!

2019-06-06 17:33:48

Do your own research. The truth will definitely hurt. Which the Left wing can handle anyway because they are not will to except it or anyone elses opinion.

2019-06-06 18:49:38

D.p.I you mean you make statements but can't back them up. Sums up the Conservative party really.

2019-06-11 11:38:22

Gary, to coin your BS, as you describe others. I'm sure that when all the candidates policies and format are agreed, you can read it for your-self, in the press. What a question, asking "what's their policies" , do you think that they phone me to make me aware of what's going on ?

2019-06-19 23:45:58

I presume you come up with this utter codswallop Gary because Labour haven't got any sensible policies on anything, least of all Brexiteer. The only one they have under the Poundshop Captain Birdseye is turn the UK into Venezuela 2.0! I can also tell you d.p.l. is no Tory! So wrong yet again!!!

2019-06-19 23:46:38

*Brexiteer not Brexiteer!

2019-06-19 23:47:31

*Brexit not Brexiteer! Damn you AutoCorrect!!!

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