Labour MP suspended over allegations of antisemitism speaks in Harlow

News / Mon 10th Jun 2019 am30 08:19am

FORMER Harlow MP Stan Newens was part of the audience that gathered to see suspended Labour MP Chris Williamson speak on Friday night.

The audience met at The Essex Skipper pub in The Stow as Mr Williamson presented a talk called “Planting the Magic Money Tree (MMT)”.

Mr Williamson is suspended from the Labour Party whilst they investigate allegations of antisemitism.

Harlow Labour distanced themselves from the meeting. No councillors attended including the four who are members of Momentum.

The Harlow Labour candidate for Church Langley in last month’s local elections, Colin Monehan did attend.

Afterwards, Mr Williamson went onto Twitter to thank the organisers. He said: “Fantastic meeting in Harlow last night where I spoke about MMT. Genuine privilege to see Labour legend & former MP/MEP, Stan Newens in attendance. Great discussion too.

Big thank you to Brett Hawksbee for organising the meeting

Pictured here with Stan and some of the attendees.

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7 Comments for Labour MP suspended over allegations of antisemitism speaks in Harlow:

2019-06-10 09:17:51

Apparent shortage of Diversity at this gathering of weasels.

2019-06-10 10:29:01

It is always a Conservative trait, I find, to use offensive words to describe people like myself who attended on Friday to debate the important issues with a sitting MP willing to do so. And sadly for MickyB77 no one that attended were "weasels" just concerned residents wanting to improve their lives and those of many others in this town. Mr. Williamson listened, a real plus given the standard of MP's today.

2019-06-10 11:12:44

It appears that your warped sense of life improvement then, is partly based on the tenets of the Anti-Semite, Williamson. How strange, and I note only several followers of Hawksbee, turned up. Strange bed-fellows.

2019-06-10 12:34:02

MickyB77, any truth to the rumour that you are Peter Lamb, who quit the Conservative Party over Islamaphobia?

2019-06-10 14:16:20

That, Constanza, used to be the exact strap-line of one,' jerryforqueen ' . Keep trying. By the way, comment on the subject, Momentum, anti-semites.

2019-06-10 17:52:33

There are times when BS becomes the fact, and the fact becomes BS. Your comment MickyB77 meets all the criteria. Accept of course your comments are rude as well, sadly.

2019-06-11 11:28:56

Offensive ? BS.

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