Harlow Judo success at East Anglian Fours

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East Anglian Fours 9th June 2019

A MIXED team of players took up the invitation to attend the East Anglian fours event last week with very good results. The team ranged from Novice players up to some of our most experienced players trying to gain a covented black belt. We are very pleased to let you know that the two novice players in the team fought very well, listened to instruction and both gained a very well deserved Silver medal each.

Our Junior novice Zarah Paul fighting in her first event was put in a pool of four players (hence the name of the event) with a couple of very high grade players. Zarah fought well using the few skills she has learnt and as already stated managed a second place slot. It was only her lack of competition experience that led her to miss out on first place to a more experienced, higher grade player in the final.

Jen Feargrieve also fighting in her first event would also have done much better and possibly gained the first place slot with a bit more competition experience under her belt.

Millie Morgan dominated her group from the beginning and using her trade mark throw Ogoshi (hip throw) managed to make quick work of all her opponents gaining her a well deserved Gold medal.

George Franks, the lowest grade in his group fought with tenacity against the higher grade player displaying a fantastic variety of techniques to win a further gold for himself, the club and the town.

Then came the big boys, Jonny Morgan and Ian Thomas both trying to gain a black belt. They both had nervous starts losing their opening contests. Unfortunately they were drawn to fight against each other in the second round, which ment one would be eliminated from the chance of gaining a black belt. Ian opened up with a fantastic drop knee shoulder throw on Jonny scoring a wazarie but failed to continue on the ground which proved fatal as Jonny came back to finish Ian off and progress to a 3 man line up to achieve his 1st Dan. In a possible maximum fighting time of 12 minutes for his 3 opponents, Jonny showed superb skill and defeated all three in 1 minute and 20 seconds giving him his 1st Dan black belt. He needs to pass a theory test before the grades can be confirmed, but that is a formality. The hard part is done.

Well done to you all for a fantastic result.

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