Harlow Council boss praises plans for 8,500 homes

THE LEADER of Harlow Council has praised plans for 8,500 homes on the Harlow border.

As reported last week, Harlow Council has received an outline planning application from Places for People for a residential-led mixed use development of up to 8,500 homes on the Gilston Park Estate.

East Herts District Council (EHC), Harlow District Council (HC), Epping Forest District Council, Hertfordshire County Council and Essex Country Council are working together to bring forward transformational growth in and around Harlow through the Harlow and Gilston Garden Town. The Garden Town comprises of existing communities within Harlow, together with new neighbourhoods to the east, west and south, and new villages to the north (the Gilston Area), all set in attractive countryside, with investment in transport, enterprise and community infrastructure.

The outline planning applications include the proposed vehicle accesses to the Gilston Area as well as the area for each of the new villages, broad locations for the village centres and the open spaces between the villages. They also set out their planning obligations for the delivery and financing of infrastructure and services.

In addition, Places for People has also submitted detailed planning applications for two river crossings that will provide access to the Gilston Area and the wider Harlow and Gilston Garden Town. These include improvements to the existing 5th Avenue River Crossing, to provide dedicated public transport connections and new routes across the Stort Valley for walking and cycling; and a new Eastern River Crossing which will provide new access for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists between East Herts and Harlow.

EHC and HC have agreed to act jointly to manage the bridge applications as these cross both districts. All comments should be directed to EHC and these will be shared with HC. Each council will be required to determine the applications in due course through their decision making processes.

Copies of the applications are available to view at both EHC and HC’s offices and the councils will be running a series of public exhibitions in July on:

Monday 1st July at Hunsdon Village Hall, 45 High Street, Hunsdon SG12 8NJ, 4pm-8pm
Tuesday 2nd July at Eastwick & Gilston Village Hall, Eastwick Road, Gilston CM20 2RB, 4pm-8pm
Thursday 4th July at Harlow Civic Centre Council Chamber, The Water Gardens, Harlow CM20 1WG, 4pm-8pm

The exhibitions will be drop-in events and officers will be on hand to help explain the planning applications and how members of the public can have their say n them.

Councillor Mark Ingall, Leader of Harlow Council, said: “This is an exciting time for Harlow and we look forward to the development of the Garden Town and the benefits this will bring to our town. These benefits include investment in infrastructure, transport, local services and the Town Centre which would not be available unless there was housing growth. There will also be a range of jobs on offer creating new opportunities for people in our town.
“The Garden Town is all part of our ambition to build a better Harlow for all – for residents, for business, for families, for the young and the old. Harlow’s regeneration is a pivotal part of the Garden Town project.  
“The submission of these first planning applications is a significant milestone in the project and I encourage residents, business and local groups to find out more.”  

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2 Responses to "Harlow Council boss praises plans for 8,500 homes"

  1. D.p.l   June 26, 2019 at 7:50 pm

    What’s the odds that the minimum amount if these houses will be social houses for the number one priority of Harlow, which is the residents of Harlow.
    They are more likely going to built here in Harlow and on the boarders of the neighbouring towns, to help the London mayor, Shadiq khan look like he is hitting his target on house building for those in London.
    If he wants houses built for those who livevi n London then build them in London.
    House built in Harlow and the neighbouring towns should be for the residents of Harlow and the residents of them neighbouring towns who have been on the housing waiting list for five years plus.

  2. tenpin   June 29, 2019 at 2:27 pm

    I think I should point out to readers and Cllr Ingall that many people in Harlow do not share his vision for the future of our town, because:
    1 Most of these homes are not actually in Harlow, the Council will not receive any additional revenue from rates with which to improve the town.
    2 Very few if any of the homes will be in public ownership, which is where the most housing need can be found.
    4 Nobody on Harlow Council’s waiting list for a home will be able to get access to any of these homes.
    5 The cost of these new homes will on average have an extra £50k put on them to pay for the infrastructure costs to the developers.
    6 What is being peddled now about regenerating the town is exactly what was said about Church Langley in the 1980’s and look what didn’t happen then.
    7 With the prospect of higher parking charges in Harlow Town Centre to encourage bus use and the fact that the new link into Harlow from the new “villages” at Gilston will be for an electrified bus system only, residents are more likely to turn right and drive to Brookfield Farm to shop where the parking is free.
    8 The proposals for Latton Priory now include a new road heading south towards Epping (for shopping and using the Tube), meaning that the new busway from Latton Priory running across the town to the train station and on to Gilston will be even more of a white elephant.

    These whole proposals are about housing greed not need on the part of the land owners who in some cases have been waiting for decades to pounce (such as Persimmon who made over 1 billion pounds profit last year alone).

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