Harlow man amongst Scotland Yard’s most wanted

Crime / Sat 6th Jul 2019 am31 09:44am

SCOTLAND Yard have named their 18 most violent fugitives as part of an appeal to help finally track them down. One is wanted in connection with a suspected acid attack while most of the others are being sought over domestic violence, serious assaults and robbery.

Detective Superintendent Lee Hill asked the public to be their additional eyes and ears as he announced the Met’s second Wanted Week of Action. He said: ‘Violence, drug and other priority crimes such as burglary are of great concern to the communities of London, so we are committed to tackling them robustly and pursuing those we suspect to be involved in causing harm and attempting to evade justice. Help us to keep London safe.

The force said those named are suspected of either being directly involved in crime, flouting conditions imposed on bail or probation or for not having turned up at court. Det Supt Hill said he was keen to find out where they live, the car they drive, where they shop and even the pubs and clubs they go to. ‘I know some people are reticent to pass on information such as this,’ he said. ‘We know people worry that they somehow might be identified or that they might unfairly be adversely affecting somebody’s life. ‘However, I want to assure you that passing on information through Crimestoppers who are entirely independent of the police, is completely anonymous. ‘One phone call could help potentially solve or even prevent a crime from happening.’

Billy Sullivan, 41, of Harlow, is accused of GBH over a 2018 incident where an attempt was allegedly made to run over a victim with a car (Picture: Met Police)

The force urged anyone who recognises the individuals not to put themselves at risk by approaching them, but to dial 999 from a place they cannot be overheard. For those uncomfortable speaking to the police directly, detectives advised they confide anonymously in charity Crimestoppers via their website www.crimestoppers-uk.org or by calling 0800 555 111. Those with any useful information may earn themselves a reward.

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