Saving Harlow libraries: In praise of Emma Batrick

Editorial Comment.

IT is good to hear that Essex County Council will not be closing any libraries in Harlow (and Essex).

We would like to take this opportunity to praise one Harlow woman, who did an awful lot to campaign against library closures.

Harlow resident, Emma Batrick was at the forefront of campaigning in Harlow and across the county.

We saw her at The Stow, Old Harlow, Great Parndon and Tye Green.

Emma eloquently and passionately stated the arguments for keeping the libraries open.

There was something about her commitment that rose above politics and made for a compelling case.

Over the years, this reporter has admired what I call the Erin Brokovich’s of this world, who tenaciously campaign and do not give up.

What a shining example Emma is to us all.

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