Cricket: A view from the Presidents Box!

Cricket / Tue 6th Aug 2019 at 10:22am

A view from the Presidents Box!

By Alan Howick

What a brilliant weekend for individual performances
with some ‘mature members’ turning back the years!

Luke Monger, now considered a senior member of the 1st XI despite his youthful
looks contributed an excellent all round performance with both bat and ball to
ensure a 1st XI victory.

In the 2nd XI a very welcome return with Jack Sykes continuing where he previously
left off with a fine 82 NO to steer his team to victory as well. More to come from
Jack this summer I am sure and hopeful.

Although the 3rd XI lost, Harry Burton showed his undoubted talent with a handy
attacking 50.

With even more grey hair and beard, another “and welcome back to your roots”
with the middle aged banker, Ian Nuttall hitting a century to help the 4th XI to win.

Then in the 5th with their important win helped by elder statesman and Chairman
of Cricket, Jonny Allen made an undefeated 114 in front of his team colleagues
including his 14 year old son Oliver who also contributed by showing his natural
athleticism with two fine run outs.

Finally, whilst we are touching nostalgia, dug out of retirement and parenthood
duties, past Captain James Butler filled as wicket keeper for the 1st XI, made a catch
or two, dropped a few and score some runs, welcome back to sunny Saturday
afternoons at Marigolds James.


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