Over the border: Re-drawing the Green Belt near Harlow

IT may have escaped your attention but a number of the major planning applications on Harlow’s border continue to be debated and discussed.

Over in Epping, the planning inspector has published what is described as his “interim advice”.

It makes a number of references to the large developments on Harlow’s border. Harlow and Gilston Garden Town and Latton Priory to name just two.

Infact for a document published by Epping Forest District Council, it talks about Harlow in great detail.

It may be worth reading and following.


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3 Responses to "Over the border: Re-drawing the Green Belt near Harlow"

  1. Ol Man River   August 8, 2019 at 8:26 am

    With an General Election likely this year, why are our MP and wannabe MP’s silent on this?

  2. tenpin   August 8, 2019 at 8:39 am

    Just to remind readers that the Harlow Alliance Party were the only Party to make representations to the Inspector and were thus able to participate at these hearing. As far as we know, not a single Councillor from Harlow attended any of the hearings which took place over a 5 month period. This despite the fact that Epping Council’s Plan will have serious consequences for all of us living in Harlow. It should be noted that because of repeated lobbying from residents and politicians in the Epping District, the site at Jessel Green is likely to be removed from the Plan as has a site at Roydon. Its a pity that despite all the rhetoric from Harlow Councillors and candidates on the doorstep at the last election that they did not bother to raise formal objections about sites around Harlow which are in the Epping Plan or indeed about sites in the Plan for Harlow. The reason Ol Man River that both our MP and prospective MP have remained silent is that both SUPPORT these Plans. The former wants to see an enlarged Harlow, Harlow’s Local Plan is Labours Local Plan.

  3. tenpin   August 9, 2019 at 6:58 pm

    I hope that readers will note the deafening silence from representatives from the two main Political Parties in Harlow …. it’s because they are having to toe their Party line.

    In view of the representations made to the Inspector of the Epping Forest DC Local Plan, The Harlow Alliance Party have been invited to attend a “stakeholders” seminar next month, in respect of the Latton Priory Development (1500 homes proposed on a site leading from Rye Hill Road, in the middle of a field). It will be interesting to see how many if any Harlow Councillors attend and if they do, what their response is to this proposed development.

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