Harlow Council explain why continued delays to Prentice Place

A FEW months ago, Harlow Council announced that the Prentice Place development on Potter Street should be completed by late June.

However, the diggers and barriers surrounding the precinct indicates that it has yet to be finished.

So, we asked Harlow Council.

A spokesperson said: “Works to refurbish Prentice Place Neighbourhood Centre are continuing. The roof to block one (Martins, Dorringtons and Joe Jennings) has now been signed off as complete by the architect and the scaffolding is now being taken down, giving shoppers and retailers the first glimpses of the refurbished building. Works to the roof on blocks two and three are ongoing.

Once the scaffolding has been taken down, ground works to the front of the shopping centre can continue allowing for level access thresholds to be created to all shops.

Internal refurbishment works to the residential properties are continuing, with kitchens installed to block one properties and now progressing in block two. Bathrooms are now being installed in the properties and internal walls have all been plastered and painted.

Works to convert two corner flats in block one into a maisonette are under way, with new external brickwork creating a new front doorway. The internal staircase connecting the lower and upper floor of the property has been installed, allowing for the kitchen and bathroom to be put in.

The programme for completion has been delayed due to problems in receiving materials. Estimated completion of the project is now expected in November 2019. Harlow Council would like to express thanks and gratitude for the residents’ and business’ patience during the inconvenience this has caused.

“Please continue to support your local retailers”.

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6 Responses to "Harlow Council explain why continued delays to Prentice Place"

  1. Gary   August 11, 2019 at 11:03 am

    Disappointed? Upset? Not Surprised?

    The residents of Potter Street should be all of these and after over 25 years of waiting should be disgusted at the lose of council housing and the much needed doctors’ surgery.

    The Council will have given all the land to the developers in return for nomination rights to 4 of the 15 homes available on site. That is a disgraceful and unnecessary legacy all current and former councillors’ should consider when approving future developments.

    Finally, will the outcome be better than the original site for the residents of Potter Street? Recent opinion is not positive but lets hope come November 2019 that view will change.

  2. tenpin   August 11, 2019 at 4:35 pm

    So apart from saying what has been done and what will be done soon, the explanation is that there has been a delay in receiving materials.I am afraid that this just compounds the delays which have occurred for well over a decade and at the end of it, yet more homes have been lost from the Councils stock.Lets just hope that the any business lost by traders during the last few months can be regained as a direct result of the refurbished shopping centre.

  3. durcant   August 11, 2019 at 6:04 pm

    Whilst I share everyone frustration over yet another delay I would encourage people to actually visit the site back and front and see the transformation.
    Always good to moan from your lap top.
    The was that last part of the wider development and Gary and others who live local know very well that significant delays were due to the NHS in the past.
    We had 5 years of will they won’t they commit to a local surgery.
    The council put aside a piece of land to break the dead lock.
    Gary is correct that we had long discussion with the developer about the funding of the project.
    Again some people feel they are the fountain of all knowledge were the simple truth is that the local traders have got on and made it work.
    We’re so close to completion so lets not lose our heads let’s get on and get this finally sorted.
    Whilst I don’t have any direct involved in this regeneration project I will stand shoulder to shoulder with the local community. Local councillors and local advocates such as Gary and the residence association at the official opening of the centre.
    Long journey nearly completed.

  4. Gary   August 11, 2019 at 9:04 pm

    “That is a disgraceful and unnecessary legacy all current and former councillors should consider.” Please durcant just remember that when you make comments about this project.

    I would also hope durcant that you reconsider the suggestions you made in your comment piece like:

    “[it is] Always good to moan from your lap top”

    Potter Street residents’ have had over 25 years to moan and received little response from those who promised much and delivered little.

    And in particular “Whilst I don’t have any direct involve[ment] in this regeneration project [now]” I sincerely hope durcant you would tell me what involvement you did have? How long was that involvement? What happened during that involvement?

    I was involved at the start of this project as the chair of the local residents group and have watched as promise after promise has been broken from the authorities of all political colours and none.

    I will hopefully see this project completed unlike those residents who were with me then and have now passed, sadly.

  5. durcant   August 12, 2019 at 7:48 pm

    Gary we have known each other for years and have stood together on many occasion such as the closure of the surgery and the removal of the school crossing.
    I can confirm your not a lap top moaner.
    You may be a moaner but at least you turn up and speak your mind.
    My frustration is that others spend more time on the lap top instead of getting out and seeing the benefit of living in Harlow.
    The regeneration of potter street isn’t just about Prentice place.
    We moved and develop a new play area.
    We built the first splash pool.
    We built new accommodation in Carters mead.
    We created space for a new surgery.
    We will complete Prentice place.
    When it done we will celebrate but also reflect on the contribution others have made.
    Some in the eye of the public some who help create a community.
    Regardless of difference we never gave up.

  6. MickyB77   August 18, 2019 at 3:17 pm

    Any excuse is better than no excuse. Socialists, pah !

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