Laura McAlpine is not available for interview

ON WEDNESDAY, we were supposed to be conducting a filmed interview with Harlow Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate, Laura McAlpine but on the night before, it was cancelled.

The reason given, by Ms McAlpine’s people, was that it was due to “work commitments”. The message stressed that she was not available “in the Morin for the afternoon”. No replacement date was given. You could tell by the tone of voice of Ms McAlpine’s people that they were somewhat disappointed.

The purpose of this article is that we just wanted readers to know (1.6 million in 2019 alone) that we have tried to engage with the Labour candidate but it doesn’t seem to be working.

To be honest, the interview (like most of our interviews) was hardly going to be Newsnight. We wanted to give the Labour candidate a platform but did want to challenge her on a series of issues however, there does seem to be a pattern here.

Last Friday, we asked for a response to a question on housing. We had just run a story on Harlow new-builds being the most expensive in the country.The goal was open.

Ms McAlpine said she would give a response on Monday. It is now Thursday. No response.

We must also report that back in July 2018, we asked Ms McAlpine a question on anti-semitism. She did not reply. We did try again and again. We even asked for an off the record on why she wasn’t replying but she maintained her radio silence.

We were keen to cover her Climate Day event in the Town Park but we did not receive any pre-publicity or an invite.

We have always had the utmost respect for Labour MPs and candidates over the years. Back in 1973 (here we go), the then MP, Stan Newens, presented the medals at this reporter’s football teams end of season awards. He told us that when he was a teacher, he taught the Leicester midfielder, Keith Weller and stressed the importance of education as well as sport. This reporter was just eleven years of age but never forgot his words and went on to give up football and go up to university to study History. In the first month of YourHarlow (July 2013), we interviewed Mr Newens as a mark of respect.

YH has only been going six years but we also admired and respected the hard work of the 2015 and 2017 Labour candidates, Suzy Stride and Phil Waite.

The purpose of this piece is to let readers know that we have tried. There are some that accuse us of being biased towards Robert Halfon but that is for you to judge. We happen to think that Mr Halfon is vulnerable in a number of fronts.

We do try to give coverage of every candidate but it is saying something when we have more filmed interviews with the Brexit Party candidate and he only declared himself a runner last month!

You will all be going to the ballot box soon. Ms McAlpine and her Labour colleagues have to claw back Mr Halfon’s majority of 7,031

They may well succeed and highlight that it is their relationship with the electorate that matters and not the media.

If/when there is a General Election, we are planning a Hustings. We plan to film it and may be then we will see Ms McAlpine answer the questions we wanted to ask.

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7 Responses to "Laura McAlpine is not available for interview"

  1. MickyB77   September 5, 2019 at 10:41 am

    If you had asked me, I would have guaranteed you a no-show, and saved you the time and trouble.

    This so called wannabee MP is clueless, and has actually contributed zilch
    to any questions raised by contributors to, your harlow , or anywhere else,
    come to that , she just tags on to another’s band-wagon, several, in fact.

  2. tenpin   September 5, 2019 at 11:34 am

    Laura did not respond to my question a few months ago when I asked if she was a member of momentum, or when she demanded that another route was created into Church Langley but was asked how this would achieved and in the last week responded to the question of how she is going to “fight” for a better bus service. The farce which has occurred with the Labour Party in the last day or so ….. saying during the last 2 years that they wanted a general election but now refusing to take action to get one seems to have filtered down to local candidates ….. they complain about everything but when their bluff is called they fail to respond.

  3. jhumphreys84   September 5, 2019 at 12:36 pm

    Too busy taking a “leading” position on the social housing issue…which we’ve heard nothing about since her last letter published with you. What’s the point of all this one way communication. She’s willing to be an elected public official, if she wins then the questioning will get harder than that above…has to change, especially if she wants to be seen as credible opposition in the area

  4. UKMaverick785   September 6, 2019 at 2:17 am

    Can’t answer questions, won’t do interviews, posts what she’s told by her central office, won’t confirm if she’s in momentum, won’t deny she’s behind the loss of four Labour Councillors creating by elections…..need we go on! Clearly just a Corbyn cutie with all the substance of one of his manhole covers!

  5. RayMo   September 6, 2019 at 1:32 pm

    Best say nothing then we can only assume she’s an idiot.

  6. MickyB77   September 6, 2019 at 4:38 pm

    You may ask yourselves, why doesn’t this lady use her married name,
    or, is she that naive to think that her single name is held in such high esteem, by very old people, who remember her Grand-mothers contribution to local politics.

  7. James333   September 12, 2019 at 1:01 pm

    She would appear to be following the disreputable stance of her leader, Corbyn. Just as he is running scared of a General Election (despite sounding like a broken record for the past two years, incessantly demanding one), she probably has gone into hiding given that Labour has no clearly defined policies on Brexit and they seem to change by the day. Never forget that every Labour MP was elected on a manifesto to respect the 2016 referendum. They clearly cannot be trusted on anything other than ruining our economy.

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