Possible travel chaos as North Weald airfield set to be “no deal” Brexit checkpoint for HGVs

HARLOW Council leader, Mark Ingall has reacted with anger after a report from Epping Council has revealed that an area of North Weald Airfield could be used as a ‘documentation check point’ for lorries should there be a ‘no deal’ Brexit.

The proposals were initially discussed in private session by Epping Forest District Council’s cabinet but a public report seen by Everything Epping Forest reveals that the council, which owns the airfield, is in negotiations with HMRC over the possible letting of part of the airfield as a check point for lorries importing and exporting “high value goods”.

No indication has been given as to how many lorries or lorry movements would be generated by the use.

A report to the full council states: “We (the district council) are currently in negotiations with HRMC regards a two-year agreement to hire part of the airfield to use as a facility to circulate vehicles that are transporting high value goods.

“The vehicles will be visiting the site to have their documents stamped in order for them to pass through / visit the country.”

The report adds that HMRC could lease “an area of land for the operation of a HGV documentation check point at North Weald Airfield as part of the preparations for a no deal Brexit.

“This would have a number of benefits for EFDC including income generation, installation of services and utilities and development of a largely unused part of North Weald Airfield.”

The council has approved ‘special urgency’ status for the matter as it has been decided “any delay likely to be caused by the call-in process would seriously prejudice the council’s interests, as it would substantially lessen the time for negotiations with HMRC and thus the preparation time needed to prepare the airfield and surrounding roads for a no-deal exit from the European Union”.

Leader of Harlow Council, cllr Mark Ingall said: “The residents of Harlow will be concerned at this news. There is only one route from the M11 to North Weald airport and that is to exit at the Hastingwood roundabout.

This is also the only junction for residents of Harlow to enter or leave the town onto the motorway network. The lack of information as to the number of lorry movements caused by this decision leaves us in the dark as to how much extra congestion will be caused at this already over burdened junction.

“I also want to express my deep concern that our neighbours Epping Council have not involved us in their discussions at all, even though their decision will have far more impact on Harlow than it will on Epping.”

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8 Responses to "Possible travel chaos as North Weald airfield set to be “no deal” Brexit checkpoint for HGVs"

  1. Brett Hawksbee   September 10, 2019 at 10:54 am

    Quote “The vehicles will be visiting the site to have their documents stamped in order for them to pass through / visit the country.”

    But they are in the country. North Weald is in excess of 100 miles inland from the most common ports of entry for these vehicles. Struggling with the idea of giving vehicles hundreds of miles in which to make sure that their cargo matches their manifests … by the time these loads reach M11 J7, what earthly point is there to checking them?

  2. MickyB77   September 10, 2019 at 11:21 am

    Both of you are obviously short on details.
    This practice is known as in-land clearance, and, has been in use for donkey’s years in Europe, and in the UK, incorporating HMRC.
    It was also used by UK and Irish transport, before, we joined the disaster of
    a common market.

  3. kthe5   September 10, 2019 at 6:42 pm

    “This practice is known as in-land clearance”
    Do you have a link that describes this practice? Google shows nothing.

    “It was also used by UK and Irish transport”
    Did it cause any problems back then? No Troubles at all?

    I remember a while ago there was an application to use the land near M11 J7 and the BP garage to process building waste(?). The planning application was rejected due to the number of lorries, congestion at J7, and the proximity of the hospice and the garden centre.
    Now there may be an even larger number of lorries travelling to J7. 24Hours a day?
    Ever been on the M11 and seen the traffic reach from J7 to the M25? Oh joy. I can’t wait.

  4. MickyB77   September 11, 2019 at 6:35 am

    Keep searching kt, and you may just find the answer, it shouldn’t be too
    Lost without Google,like a few more who contribute here.
    Talking of traffic jams, obviously you don’t travel too far, by road, according
    to your remark about the M11 problems between Jcts, 7 & 6.
    I used to operate an HGV company travelling across Europe, and I was once
    stuck on the motorway near Lyon for hours, at the time it was the sixth
    longest traffic jam in the world, 106 miles.
    Now that’s what you call a hold-up.
    Look before you leap, comes to mind.

  5. jarrett   September 11, 2019 at 2:32 pm

    Blue permit books, tankscheins, a little cabotage earnt well out of that, happy days.

  6. kthe5   September 11, 2019 at 6:37 pm

    Hi Mickey
    So that’s a No, you can’t provide any evidence to support your claim. So instead you resort to ad hominem attacks. I guess my spelling and grammar must be ok-ish as you didn’t attack that. Instead you attack my use of google, which is odd because one of the reasons the internet was created was to share information. Google, for all its faults, is a good tool for finding information. But it is unable to find information that is completely made up.

    This traffic jam in Lyon, was it caused because a non-elected, lying, prime minister, who lied about getting a trade deal, and so a remote-ish airfield had to be used for customs checks? Oh, by the way, google tells me the Lyon traffic jam was 109 miles long not 106. Sorry, I used google again.

    “Look before you leap, comes to mind.”
    “Don’t run with scissors” comes to my mind when reading your ad hominem attacks.

  7. MickyB77   September 12, 2019 at 12:52 pm

    Obviously ‘ jarrett ‘ ,you’re speaking from experience, same as me.
    By the by, I used to provide traction vehicles for Frigoscandia.
    Saucy of you kt. Checking up to try and come back with an acerbic remark.
    It’s all true, same as the vote to LEAVE, which a lot of people don’t seem
    If this plan comes to fruition, the prospects for employment will soar.

  8. Brett Hawksbee   September 13, 2019 at 11:00 am

    Always ready to learn, being short on details based on not actually being a truck driver; ever.

    So a sealed container get waved through a port to travel 100 miles inland to customs. And a smuggler goes, ” damn the pesky British … I’m not allowed to simply disappear into the country, and offload … there’s nothing for it … I’ll just have to drive to North Weald, or Milton Keynes, and pay the import duty. I just can’t see any way round it.”

    Is that how it works?

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