More money for rape support after campaign by Harlow MP Robert Halfon

AFTER Rob Halfon MP’s long campaign on behalf of a Harlow constituent, the Government has granted an additional £5 million to increase support for rape and sexual abuse survivors, bringing total funding for rape support to £32 million over the next three years.

This extra money follows Rob’s long debate in Parliament on the need for more funding for sexual assault services, as well as a question to the Justice Minister, raising his constituent’s case in the House of Commons Chamber.

£1 million of this money will be used to fund the recruitment of more independent sexual violence advisors (ISVAs) – something that Rob has specifically campaigned on in his Westminster Hall debate delivered in May, this year, and in his meetings with rape charities.

Rob Halfon said: “My constituent should never have had to suffer what she went through.

“I’ve been working hard, meeting with rape charities to understand their needs and asking the Government to grant more money to support rape and sexual violence services.”

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One Response to "More money for rape support after campaign by Harlow MP Robert Halfon"

  1. DagenhamDave   September 23, 2019 at 10:47 pm

    Any additional funding for victims of serious sexual assault is welcome and Robert Halfon should be congratulated for representing his constituent so ably.
    However, much more funding should be made available for treating victims suffering from PTSD as a result of an assault and especially those suffering from complex PTSD as a result of repeated assaults.
    I say this because the daughter of a client of mine recently committed suicide as a result of being unable to come to terms with the traumatic experience of being raped.
    Several women I have helped with their Work Capability Assessments struggled for a long time to get the specialist psychiatric help they needed.
    Also, the DWP need to be a little more sensitive with victims of sexual assault during WCA’s, as in one of the cases mentioned the client was reduced to tears.

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