Blogpost: Conservative Party Conference 2019 – Boris delivers for Harlow

Conservative Party Conference 2019 – Boris delivers for Harlow
Cllr Joel Charles, Deputy Leader of Harlow Conservatives

THE Prime Minister headed to Manchester for the Conservative Party Conference after another volatile week in Westminster. The opposition parties, keen to disrupt the conference, adopted the protest playbook from a second-rate student union. There is nothing mature about attempting to prevent the members of a mainstream political party from gathering to debate ideas and set out their vision for the country. The Prime Minister had two clear conference objectives: reassure the country that the Government is going to ‘get Brexit done’ and give the wider electorate an indication of what his post-Brexit domestic agenda will look like. He succeeded on both fronts.

Fully Funding A New Harlow Hospital

Harlow hit the headlines for all the right reasons on Sunday when the Prime Minister announced that the Princess Alexandra Hospital would be one of six hospital trusts to benefit from £2.7 billion in government funding to build a new hospital. This is a major achievement for the hospital staff and leadership team at the Trust. Robert Halfon MP led the charge and his efforts mean residents will have better access to modern NHS facilities to help meet the healthcare needs of our ageing population.

National Living Wage

One of the standout pledges at conference was Sajid Javid’s commitment to increase the National Living Wage as he works to end low pay. The National Living Wage is set to be £10.50 in 2024, benefiting over 4 million people with a full-time worker on the National Living Wage seeing an increase in their annual pay of over £4,000. This increase will help Harlow’s lowest-paid workers to make ends meet.

Tackling Drugs

Harlow has experienced the impact of county lines drugs gangs. It’s important for the police to be given the resources to take on county lines drugs gangs and put an end to the exploitation of children and young people they rely upon. That’s why I am pleased that the Home Secretary used her conference speech to confirm the Government will be investing an additional £20 million to tackle county lines drugs gangs. We must continue to adopt a zero-tolerance approach to organised crime.


Harlow voted 68% to leave. The Government is working hard, despite attempts by the Labour Party and Liberal Democrats to frustrate the Brexit process, to ensure the result of the EU referendum is respected. Deal or no deal – we are leaving the European Union on October 31st. The Prime Minister outlined in his main conference speech proposals for a new deal that is based on a reasonable compromise for all sides that respects the EU referendum. The previous deal did not take back control – it meant we could have been stuck under European law and the European court forever. Unlike the previous deal, the Government’s new deal means we will take back control of our laws and our borders. We cannot be trapped under European law like the previous deal. There is also a special arrangement for Northern Ireland that protects the Irish peace process and ensures democratic consent for the arrangement. The new deal will also mean that the UK leaves the customs union.

This year’s conference was full of optimism about the future. The membership is energised and keen to get out on the doorstep. Boris is focused on delivering the people’s priorities – investing in our schools, the NHS and funding the recruitment of more police officers. The conference season is over for another year and we are heading towards a General Election. Despite the fast-changing political landscape, Harlow is directly benefiting from the Prime Minister’s clear leadership.

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13 Responses to "Blogpost: Conservative Party Conference 2019 – Boris delivers for Harlow"

  1. Gary   October 4, 2019 at 2:33 pm

    There are times when pushing the envelope of truth fails the test of fact.

    Boris Johnson has delivered nothing to Harlow apart from woolly statements about a new hospital that will be paid for by [fill in the rest] because I do not know. Johnson hasn’t said.

    I know who will pay for it if it ever gets built under a Tory government which I doubt: the low and medium paid members of our society because they always do!

    £10.50 an hour national living wage by next week would help all those in paid employment, not 2024. I was paid that over 10 years ago.

    Tackling illegal drugs supply should have been dealt with decades ago. I have always advocated at least decriminalisation but legalisation should be the goal in a forward looking country.

    I visited Pentonville prison recently and found a large percentage of inmates were in prison for drug use. They shouldn’t be in prison but in a health clinic dealing with their addiction. A Royal Commission should be the first steps to doing this simple and important task.

    Why? Well the prison population would halve overnight, police resources would be diverted to very serious offences, the courts wouldn’t have a 32,000 case back log and society would be safer. And if legalised the tax payer would benefit in line with cigarettes and alcohol.

    And finally, “Deal or no deal – we are leaving the European Union on October 31st.” has just been dismissed in the courts because Johnson for all his waffle and bluster has just told a Scottish court he will ask for an extension.

    The Tories are full of promises of milk tomorrow but tomorrow could, in their precious flag waving world, mean in 10 years or never!

  2. jhumphreys84   October 4, 2019 at 2:57 pm

    I’m no massive fan of Boris but to say after a couple of weeks in the job he’s done nothing for Harlow is a bit of a daft statement, it’s hardly his top priority our town and there’s a commitment to build a new hospital, so we’ve not done bad in comparison.

    Absolutely disagree with you on drugs. Your own personal choice if you go down that road. It’s not like we’ve not heard anything bad about them. Why should i then pay more of the money i’ve worked hard to earn so we can waste time trying to get them off them, only for them to go back to it 6 months later. Why should i be penalised for someone else’s bad choices? What do i get for making the right choice and obeying the law, yeah more money taken off me. You want to do drugs, fine you do them. The minute it starts affecting other people and you start taking money away from other much needed services and off people who work hard and don’t do them, then i’m sorry you’ve crossed a line and deserve no sympathy. Sort yourself out like everybody else has to, we all go through it. And before you go down the road of smoking and alcohol are drugs too but they are legalised…i’d argue that smoking certainly doesn’t lead to robbing off people and alcohol is a personal choice, and the consumption of both is falling in the UK. We start letting people out of prision and trying to offer them help for something they have absolutely no interest in being helped for (otherwise why would they start) then we lose control of a lawful society. Stop thinking people are nice, fundamentally, a few are not and can never be helped.

  3. Gary   October 4, 2019 at 3:32 pm

    jhumphreys84 I have for the record and your misreading of my comment never taken any form of illegal drug and the inference in your post that I have is misjudged and wrong. I would ask for an apology but expect not to receive one.

    Please could you also read the article by councillor Charles to which I was responding.

  4. jhumphreys84   October 4, 2019 at 5:58 pm

    I never said you had taken drugs, I was taking generally about people, saying if you want to referring to everyone. I apologise if you took it as meaning you but I didn’t mean you directly.

    I did read the article and absolutely agree with a zero tolerance approach

  5. jhumphreys84   October 4, 2019 at 6:00 pm

    Also, why would you not expect an apology? If I’m wrong I’m happy to, I’m looking more for balance than just supporting one party. Give it a try yourself, you can say if labour are doing some silly things with their policy now and again. They won’t hurt you…I think

  6. kthe5   October 4, 2019 at 6:55 pm

    “The Government is working hard, despite attempts by the Labour Party and Liberal Democrats to frustrate the Brexit process”
    Once again, it’s time to dispell this myth. No, Labour, LibDems, SNP, Greens, Plaid Cymru etc have not frustrated the Brexit process. They are the opposition parties. They should be holding the government to account. It is their job to oppose.

    It is the DUP and members of the Conservative party that have frustrated the Brexit process. They should be voting with the government.
    When the withdrawal agreement was presented to parliament, it was the job of the conservative party + DUP to vote for it. If they had done what they are supposed to do, along with the Labour MPs who also voted for it, it would have had a significent majority. But certain elements of the conservative party and the DUP didn’t do what they were supposed to do. Three times.
    Therefore it is the certain elements of the conservative party and the DUP who have frustrated. the Brexit process. This includes BoJo The Clown who voted against a Brexit deal twice. BoJo The Clown has frustrated the Brexit process at least twice by voting against it.

    If Cllr Joel Charles means that Labour, Lib Dems have frustrated a NO DEAL Brexit, this would be more accurate, but that is not what was stated above. Given that the government’s own research that a NO DEAL Brexit would be somewhat, erm, bad, with minor things like food and fuel shortages, deaths etc, is this such a bad thing? Or is the Deputy Leader of Harlow Conservatives suggesting that the governments own research is wrong? Or that people dieing due to medicene shortages is OK because of NO DEAL BREXIT?
    Also, a NO DEAL Brexit was not on offer during the second 2016 refferendum, not even by a shouty man in a tweed suit, so why is it coinsidered the ultimate goal now? Have some people changed their mind in the years since the second refferendum?

    One of the speeches given by Priti Patel, Secretary of State for the Home Department stated that the Conservatives would end the early release of prisoners who have completed 50% of their sentence. Why didn’t Cllr Joel Charles mention this in the article above? After all, the Conservatives are (suposedly) the party of law and order, right? Could it be because the person who implemented this policy of early release was Michael Gove back in 2016?

    “This year’s conference was full of optimism about the future.”
    No it wasn’t. It was mostly announcing stuff that had been announced before.

  7. MickyB77   October 5, 2019 at 12:20 pm

    Typical of Gary and kthe5 to plagiarise others comments to try and score
    meaningless points, along with the usual bullying tones.
    All this bluster over the new hospital, but more to the point, panic is setting in
    for the Marxists because of the up-coming election.
    Explain to us Gary, who pays for the crazy manifesto pledges made by
    Steptoe and co ?
    As for why didn’t he mention this or that, in relation to Joel Charles article
    is a ridiculous comment, to be expected I suppose.
    Gary, now an authority on illegal drugs, whatever next ?

  8. Gary   October 5, 2019 at 3:04 pm

    If MickyB77 was a script writer for the Tories they wouldn’t lose votes, just seats.

    Pathetic nonsense from a person who just insults the integrity of the people in these comment sections. He cant discuss the issues raised so he resorts to name calling just like Primary and Junior school children in their playground.

    Further, MickyB77 I have asked before what is Marxism or even a Marxist? If you don’t know ask a Tory friend because they like using the term as a threat and it is becoming boring. More to the point it has failed to impress the electorate.

  9. MickyB77   October 6, 2019 at 1:52 pm

    How much will Corbynskis daft pledges cost us, Gary ?
    Most of the druggies don’t work, so, if drugs are cost free to them, who pays
    for them ?
    Especially for you Gary !

    “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”.
    Did you enjoy your trip to the ‘ville ?

  10. Gary   October 6, 2019 at 5:33 pm

    “Most of the druggies don’t work, so, if drugs are cost free to them, who pays for them?”

    MickyB77 you prove my point: inaccurate, condescending and wrong. I have worked with people who have become addicted to drugs and known many who have died in acute pain. You should be ashamed at your inappropriate response to a serious issue that needs to be dealt with in a sensitive and proper manner.

    You really don’t know what Marxism is do you. I suspect copy and paste from a book is about your level. And for your information I am not a Marxist, just a Socialist.

    Finally, I would suggest you visit a prison to see the state they are in for everyone there: staff, and inmates. It might get you to grow up and smell the rotten country it has become, sadly.

  11. MickyB77   October 7, 2019 at 4:55 am

    I’m surprised that you still wish to abide in this “rotten country”.
    Addicts of any persuasion decide their own way of life. I’ve never heard of people being forced to take any illicit drugs.
    Obviously you’re a mis-guided do-gooder, whose trying to gain kudos for being sympathetic to the criminal fraternity.
    Good news though on Joel Charles column, we’re heading out of the E U and
    the money we normally pay to them, will remain here.
    Things are looking up, except for the Marxists.
    How much will the Steptoe planned budget cost us ?

  12. Gary   October 7, 2019 at 7:03 am

    Do the Tories back your disgusting views? Does cllr. Charles? I sincerely hope not MickyB77!

  13. MickyB77   October 7, 2019 at 1:03 pm

    You’re a lefty so your views are incompatible with most of the people who
    subscribe to Your Harlow, except for one or two.
    The only thing that really “disgusts” you Gary, are the subscribers who disagree
    with you and your foul expressions, or even the illogical Marxist drivel you persist
    in admiring.
    What about the lefty budget then ?

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