Harlow resident’s experience of Princess Alexandra Hospital

HARLOW resident, Leon Beesley was at Princess Alexandra Hospital on Monday ad Tuesday, with his father, when Jeremy Corbyn visited Harlow.

Leon wrote the following comments on our Facebook page and he gave us permission to place on our main website.


If you really care about our community, I challenge you to come down to A & E right now without cameras or your PR team. On Monday, I spent 13 hours with my father who is ill, all day it was manic.

Currently 105 patients to be seen, not to mention all those being treated, elderly patients being stored and treated in beds along all the units corridors, there are so many people in the waiting room there’s nowhere to sit down.

At one point today my father was in a situation where he was facing having to urinate into a bottle in the corridor until I made a fuss and insisted that wasn’t going to happen.

In addition to this there’s no beds for patients that have been admitted. You and your fellow MPs in your ivory castles have no idea about what real people have to deal with, how little help there is for the elderly and their carer’s.

Years of NHS underfunding has come home to roost. I have never in my life experienced anything like this.

Stop with your election stunts and come and see what real people have to deal with on an daily basis. But I suppose there’s no shiny PR stunt to be had in it for you. Fight for what people need and stop promoting empty promises, like a new hospital and Brexit.

Get this hospital properly staffed and funded. If you can do that you will have my vote.

Updated: Finally at 2am was a bed found for my father.

Update 5.11.19

In addition to this, the government is quite happy for me to save them tens of thousands of pounds by caring for him myself with little or no support, but when his health issues create problems for me and my future security and home there’s no help for the carer.

I have cared and lived with him for 30 years and in the event of his death I will lose my home and be made homeless, that’s how the governments and local authorities thank me and that’s a real issue that real people deal with daily.

Want to help me with this one? This is why I get tired of MPs grandstanding and not helping those who really need it.

Leon Beesley

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