Robert Halfon launches campaign to be re-elected MP for Harlow

AS is his tradition, Robert Halfon launched his campaign to be re-elected MP for Harlow from the side of the A414 during rush-hour.

Mr Halfon is defending a majority of 7,031 which is still considered a marginal.

With Labour putting a huge effort in and the presence of both Lib Dems and Brexit, nothing can be taken for granted.

YH went up to the Shell Garage to speak to him on a number of issues.

Between now and election day, we also plan to do further interviews on a number of topics.

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3 Responses to "Robert Halfon launches campaign to be re-elected MP for Harlow"

  1. jhumphreys84   November 7, 2019 at 10:29 am

    Don’t agree with him on everything and seemed to remember he did vote remain initially, which does damage his credentials as leave now at all costs and get it done. However, I really like to hear that he’s against negative campaigning and will just talk about what he has done or wants to do, which is vastly different to Labour’s and Brexit party’s candidates who’ve so far said the Tories have done this and the Tories have done that and not really come up with sensible alternatives. But still not sure who to vote for…

  2. Dave Whitney   November 9, 2019 at 12:50 pm

    It should be noted that Robert Halfon, suggested in Parliament in 2014 that the Kingdom of Jordan could become a Palestinian state, the implication of this comment being that the Gaza Strip and the West Bank should not be part of a Palestinian state. What does Mr Halfon think should happen to the Palestinians living in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip? What is his solution of the Palestinian question?

  3. kthe5   November 9, 2019 at 2:19 pm

    “But still not sure who to vote for…”
    I know what you mean. RH lost any credibility for me when he actively supported the Chief Clown. The latest stories about Labour show that there is still an anti-Semitism problem. The Lib Dem candidate is not local and (on what little I’ve seen) is campaigning on national issues.
    To use a term used by an ally of David Cameron, I’m not a “swivel-eyed loon”, so that rules out the loony parties.

    I wonder if a Lord BucketHead type will be standing in Harlow?

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