Harlow Conservative Robert Halfon defends his record on education

General Election 2019 / Sat 16th Nov 2019 pm30 04:26pm

CONSERVATIVE candidate for Harlow, Robert Halfon, spent the morning on the Broad Walk in Harlow Town Centre as part of his campaign to be re-elected as MP for Harlow.

If he does it will be for the fourth time, which will be a remarkable achievement in itself. However there is a long way to go and his rivals feel that they have a weak spot in education.

Mr Halfon, vehemently disagrees and believes that his work in committee and in the commons illustrates that it is his strength.

We took a seat at Starbucks and discussed the claims made regarding education cuts in Harlow.

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5 Comments for Harlow Conservative Robert Halfon defends his record on education:

2019-11-16 18:31:45

It is always good to hear Mr. Halfon claim this country was on the verge of bankruptcy when he knows this country has never been bankrupt. It is just political nonsense from someone that after years of voting for cuts wants to push the envelope of fiction rather than fact. Very sad.

2019-11-16 21:12:16

It's nice to see Robert once again saying to look up his past actions. He mentions what was required to improve the finacial situation after the global banking crisis. A crisis caused by deregulation, bad debt - basically the banking sector. What does Robert's voting record say about that? From TheyWorkForYou.com: Almost always voted for increasing the rate of VAT Almost always voted for higher taxes on alcoholic drinks Almost always voted for higher taxes on plane tickets Voted a mixture of for and against lower taxes on fuel for motor vehicles These tax rises would affect most working people more than the higher paid bankers. But what of his record of voting on raising taxes related to banking? Again from TheyWorkForYou.com: Consistently voted against increasing the tax rate applied to income over £150,000 Almost always voted against a banker’s bonus tax Voted a mixture of for and against higher taxes on banks Almost always voted against an annual tax on the value of expensive homes So, less raising of taxes from the higher paid banking sector. I don't remember schools and the education sector being the cause of the 2008 banking crisis.

2019-11-17 05:49:59

Poverty comes from the Bliar and Brown years in government. "we've spent all the money" I seem to remember hearing. So the Tories pick up the bills when they're voted out, time after time because of the mess that Brown and Darling had made of the economy. Unless you've forgotten, for every £10.00 the NHS gets, they lose a net £1.00 which goes to pay off the P F I bill. Who organised that little number then ? Listening to the Loonies and the predictions about what they're going to give us, the only thing that I'll be paying for is my wine. All things considered, R H has hit the jackpot for Harlow, time and time again, whilst the Left spew out innuendo, and dodgy figures. Socialism breeds POVERTY

2019-11-17 12:07:19

"Poverty comes from the Bliar and Brown years in government." Utter nonsense as disproved several times over the last few months. See my previous comments on this matter. "Unless you’ve forgotten, for every £10.00 the NHS gets, they lose a net £1.00 which goes to pay off the P F I bill." Utter nonsense. Are you trusting "facts" from UKIP now? https://fullfact.org/health/what-nhs-paying-private-finance-initiatives/ "Claim:£1 in every £10 that goes to the NHS is to pay off debts from Private Finance Initiatives (PFIs)." "Conclusion:This isn’t correct according to the latest cost estimates. These suggest ongoing annual costs are about 2% of the NHS budget, or £1 in every £55." It was utter nonsense in 2017 when that article was written, it is still utter nonsense now. "Who organised that little number then ?" PFI was intruduced by the Conservative government under John Major. It has been used by every government, Conservative and Labour up until 2018. "innuendo, and dodgy figures." Like doctoring a video and Mr Javid insisting that Labour plans to spend £1.2tn in government? At RH's suggestion I have posted factual extracts from TheyWorkForYou.com on his voting record. No made up numbers at all.

2019-11-17 12:18:53

More economics in truth from very saucy kt. PFI was not used by the Tories, it was signed up to,by the Lefties. National statistics which you adore, vouch for the figures, not some rag-tag socialist publication. Darling and Brown are rated as being among the worst rated chancellors, ever, and don't we know it, we're still paying their dodgy deals off to-day. Alright then ? I promise not to mention the GOLD.

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