General Election 2019: From Brexit to the NHS: What matters to the residents of Harlow?

General Election 2019 / Sun 1st Dec 2019 am31 11:30am

BETWEEN now and December 12th, we will be gathering small groups of Harlow residents together to discuss the issues that are important to them.

On Friday afternoon, we spoke to Nick Taylor, David Court, Anne Perry, Alan Leverett and Ann Nutt and asked them what matters to them?

We have at least three other group interviews planned however if you would like to be added, then please contact us at [email protected]

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5 Comments for General Election 2019: From Brexit to the NHS: What matters to the residents of Harlow?:

2019-12-03 17:44:27

"Council houses, house for people to buy ... Who's going to buy them?" We'll, the council house building plan from Labour will go some way to replacing the social housing stock sold off. And they won't be to buy! They will be homes, not property speculators' projects. Also, I do hope that the next video in this series represents a broader demographic than older white people - and I say that as a older white person! Harlow is more diverse than this group suggests!

2019-12-04 10:46:53

Well just to be clear towpath_Rat, the Harlow and Gilston Garden Town Plan proposes that some 16000 homes are to built in and around Harlow of which only about 500 will be built by the Council during the next 11 years or so. Of these at least some will be built for sale to meet "affordable" targets, the homes at Lister House have been described as luxury flats suggesting that they may be for sale. As things stand the Council will have to find a huge sum of money to build homes on such a large scale, selling off sites or homes they build may be the only ways of doing that. There are over 4000 families on the Council's Housing Register, by agreeing with neighbouring authorities to surround the whole of the town with homes to purchase leaves little room to provide the number of homes required to meet the real housing need in this town.

2019-12-04 23:03:03

"meet “affordable” targets" Just for clarification, what is the definiation of "affordable" in this context? I've seen some definations of "affordable" which had no relation as to what some could actually afford. "affordable" related to the amount of rent disired instead of the amount of salary available. Towpath_Rat - I was thinking the same thing about the diversity of the people in the video. Perfectly nice people that they were, but they were all white, the same sort age, reasonably affulent, similar education (I assume). Hope to see opinions from more diverse groups in the future.

2019-12-05 22:31:33

Tenpin, I agree that the balance of social Vs private housing in the plan is disappointing. There are other issues with it as well including the level of commitment to environmental sustainability, public transport too. This is why the national Labour manifesto pledge on social housing is so much more exciting and ambitious and it's good to see Laura McAlpine actively campaigning on this issue.

2019-12-06 09:50:51

The balance is a disgrace Towpath_rat not just disappointing. The fact is, Harlow's Labour controlled Council having agreed with the Plans for the Garden town must accept responsibility for allowing Harlow to be circled by thousands of homes in the private sector.leaving only small areas in the town on which council homes can be built. What they should have done many years ago was to seek boundary changes for Harlow, which would have resulted in many of the fields on the towns borders becoming part of the town and thus have direct control on what was being built.They could have gone further and acquired some or most of the land so that social housing could of been built on it, thus helping to meet the housing needs of those on Harlow Council's Housing Register.

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