GE19: Labour’s Laura McAlpine: “It’s all about class” as campaign trail enters final few days

General Election 2019 / Sun 8th Dec 2019 pm31 12:36pm

THE CAMPAIGN to be Harlow’s next MP has entered its final few days. Labour’s Laura McAlpine and her team have run an intensely hard-working ground campaign, in fact after we interviewed Ms MacAlpine, we drove down Second Avenue and saw a large number of campaigners standing by the side for the road with their “Vote Laura McAlpine” placards.

However, in our final interview before election night, we asked her why the word Brexit did not seem to appear on any of her leaflets?

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3 Comments for GE19: Labour’s Laura McAlpine: “It’s all about class” as campaign trail enters final few days:

2019-12-08 16:01:56

Socialism is communism and responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions, any one who votes for these evil people (wrapped up as caring) gets exactly what they deserve.

2019-12-08 20:36:16

People who vote Labour in this General Election deserve a better health service and a better education system, a living wage, and an end to zero hour contracts. They will get what they deserve if a Labour government is elected. I think that Laura McAlpine’s policy of restoring the council’s play schemes in the school holidays is wonderful idea, as many of us have fond memories of these schemes, and parents and children would really appreciate their restoration.

2019-12-09 07:15:56

It's obvious to everyone that this candidate is intellectually unfit to represent anybody in this election. Confusion, contradictory and unaware all come into mind. " ignoring Brexit unless Corbynski wants to re-assess the terms" ? "children in their thirties" ? Earlier, she had said that the one of the most important issues for her, were play schools for children ? Anybody who thinks about voting Labour, in Harlow, should be aware of what this candidate's priorities are.

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