Manager of The Square pays tribute to Neil Innes

IT WAS sad to hear of the passing of Neil Innes aged 75. He was known for his associations with the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, Monty Python, The Rutles as well as his own solo career.

Over six years ago, he played The Square. Our guest reviewer, Gary Shaw attended the concert and wrote a review.

Manager of The Square Adam Smith also reflected on his memories of Neil Innes

Adam said: “I had the pleasure of hosting him in Harlow on two occasions over the last ten years.

“Neil Innes really was brilliant, musically and comically.

“One of the highlights of when he played with the Idiot Bastard Band had nothing to do with the actual gig.

“Some friends of ours had recently taken over the running of The Crown in Old Harlow.

“On a quiet cold Monday evening, they were visited by a brewery bod who sat at the end of the bar with a folder making notes on their sales and scrutinising their running of the place.

In walked the managers of the local music venue followed by Neil Innes, Rowland Rivron, Phill Jupitus and Ade Edmondson, for a pre-show dinner and drink.

“The brewery bloke’s face was a picture. He closed his folder, finished his own drink and left the owners to do their thing”.

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