Petition calls on council to cancel plans for 10,000 homes on Harlow’s border

Politics / Sun 5th Jan 2020 pm31 06:07pm

A PETITION has been submitted to East Herts, calling on the district council to cancel plans for 10,000 new homes between Bishop’s Stortford and Harlow reports The Stortford Independent.

The demand, signed by 223 people and submitted to the authority by organiser Charles Browne, calls for the development to be halted as part of a wider plea against 23,000 properties proposed to expand the Essex new town.

The Harlow North scheme has been agreed by East Herts and its neighbours, Epping Forest and Harlow district councils.

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1 Comment for Petition calls on council to cancel plans for 10,000 homes on Harlow’s border:

2020-01-06 10:32:21

Readers will be aware that The Harlow Alliance Party are the only Party to have made formal objections to the Local Plan's of Harlow and Epping Councils, which form part of an overall Plan for the future of Harlow and surrounding area. Residents of Harlow have had little or no opportunity to be consulted about these Plans, which will see the population of the wider area increase by over 50% in the next 13 years. Charles Browne should be commended for what he has said and we in HAP believe that had the Council's concerned carried out a comprehensive, unified consultation with all residents then not just a couple of hundred people would have objected but this would have been thousands. The infrastructure proposals will cost hundreds of millions of pounds, hugely disruptive during their construction (over two years just to widen the road at the "Gates" roundabout for instance), trying to turn a town designed for some 80.000 people to one serving over 120.000. Spring forward just 10 years when the next Local Plan will need to be developed, will we see the area between the Harlow North Scheme swallowing up the land between it and Thorley, creating a huge urban sprawl across current green belt? And as for the homes being provided, little if any Council owned homes for those most in need and as for "affordable homes", well we all know what that really means! Politicians need to take a leaf out of those in the 1940's and 1950's and create New Towns from scratch.

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