Letter to Editor: Child sexual exploitation investigations and “woke culture”

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Dear Editor,

JUST a quick thought if you ever have the unpleasant task of dealing with Essex Police or Essex social services on child sexual exploitation issues. Hopefully, “pragmatism” will not be their watchword as it was in Manchester 15 years ago.

On page 107 in paragraph 7.14 of the assurance review the following dreadful world view is expressed:
‘In summary, although there was significant information held by both Manchester City Council and Greater Manchester Police on individuals who potentially posed a risk to children, we can offer no assurance that appropriate action was taken to address the risks they presented to children.

Throughout our analysis of both the police and the social care files we found very little evidence of professionals considering the risk these perpetrators presented to their own children and the children they met throughout their daily activities. One of our interviewees explained to us: “They weren’t viewed as sex offenders per se, just a group of men of all ages, from one ethnicity taking advantage of kids from dysfunctional backgrounds. It could have overwhelmed child protection. There had to be a degree of pragmatism, the children also had to manage their own behaviour, the education issues were far greater than the enforcement issues.”‘

Woke Culture

One must also consider the statement of Detective Constable B regarding social tensions in Manchester following a police investigation involving the Kurdish community. On page 101 in Outcome 2 the following:

‘Detective Constable B informed the review team: “He was grooming kids, the demographics didn’t fit as it was a prosperous middle-class area, and they were well to do kids. They weren’t from the original tranche of children that were in children’s homes. What had a massive input was the offending target group were predominantly Asian males and we were told to try and get other ethnicities.”‘

The last sentence somewhat demonstrates that Woke culture and fear of being branded a “racist” is disabling people’s ability to judge evidence, no matter where it leads.
Sadly, the politically correct have given Tommy Robinson and other far right voices a propaganda coup that undermines the ability to counter racism.

David Forman

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