Two senior Harlow Labour councillors back Sir Keir Starmer for next leader

News / Tue 21st Jan 2020 am31 07:47am

TWO senior Labour councillors have backed Sir Keir Starmer to be next leader of the Labour Party.

YH caught up with councillors’ Tony Durcan and Chris Vince as they were tree planting in Sumners Park on Sunday.

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5 Comments for Two senior Harlow Labour councillors back Sir Keir Starmer for next leader:

2020-01-21 11:17:17

Knight of the realm, multi millionaire, barrister at law, yea, he's one of us !

tony edwards
2020-01-22 10:37:13

Keir's father was a toolmaker, his mother was a nurse, he went to Leeds University and was knighted in 2014 for "services to law and criminal justice". Yes - he certainly is "one of us". A talented successful man who has not forgotten his roots.

2020-01-22 16:56:17

His parents are definitely, "one of us".

2020-01-22 20:50:04

Anyone doing just a bit of research will find that the "Sir" went with his previous job, like some managers might get a company phone or a sales rep get a company car. It is reported he, like many people, shuns titles or letters and prefers to be called "Keir Starmer". Unlike Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, he didn't have a privliged education at Eton College and Oxford. Instead of reading Classics at Balliol College, Oxford, he studied for a real profession - law. Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson has told lies when writing for The Times, and made up stuff about europe. As a barrister, Keir worked on human rights issues, and the McLibel case. For free. I don't remember Keir standing in front of a bus making up numbers that could go to the NHS. Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson - “We’re upgrading 20 hospitals and building 40 new ones." - Lie.

2020-01-23 11:58:13

kthe5, yet again you're off track with your blurb, nothing to do with Boris, it's about the two councillors opinions. You really must try harder.

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